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Apps Like Cash App Guide: Alternative Money Transfer Options (2022)

Are you trying to find out about apps like Cash App?

There are quite a few money apps like Cash App out there, and many of them are very good.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ones.

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In this article, we’ll discuss:

Yes, there are quite a few money transfer apps out there, so we’ll look at the most popular ones to find out what makes them great options.

Other Apps Like Cash App

venmo paypal zelle facebook

There are many other apps like this out there, including apps such as Venmo, PayPal, and Zelle.

So what’s the deal?

These money transfer apps allow you to send money through your linked bank account or debit card, manage funds through their mobile app options, instant transfer without hefty bank fees, request money without hidden fees, get direct deposit, make online payments, and much more.

Cool, huh?!

Yes. Let’s find out more.

Peer to Peer Payments with Venmo

There’s an app called Venmo, which is very popular in the U.S., but also has a global reach from Canada, Australia, or anywhere else internationally where you can easily transfer money digitally without having cash on hand (or getting charged excessive fees).

So what’s the difference between Cash App and Venmo?


Venmo’s bread & butter when it comes to their features is their secure peer to peer payments.

You can send and receive money to & from friends and family, with the ability to attach a message in case that’s important for you.

The best part?

You can also pay other people through Venmo even if they don’t have the app or a Venmo account set up (a friend needs money on your tab at dinner).

Transfer Money Easily with PayPal

paypal money transfer app

The company behind Venmo is PayPal Inc., one of the apps like Cash App made by someone other than Square.

Transactions can be completed in just a few taps, making it a super convenient money transfer app and a great alternative to a traditional bank or credit union.

PayPal offers features such as :

  • Sending money to anyone with an email address, not just other PayPal users.
  • Receiving money in more than 38 currencies worldwide. [1]
  • Transferring funds directly into a bank account in one of 187 countries and territories around the world. – Paying friends or family for apps on Google Play, iTunes App Store, Amazon Kindle Shop by using PayPal (in US).

Having a PayPal account can also be pretty handy when paying for merchandise while online shopping as they’re accepted pretty widely compared to alternative apps.

Bank Account Convenience with Zelle

Another of the popular money apps like Cash App is called Zelle.

Zelle is a company that is backed by major banks in the U.S., so this could make it easier for users to sign up without any fuss or having to give financial information with other similar apps.

zelle app send money

What can you do?

You can send & receive money through Zelle by linking your bank account, debit card, or credit card to their app.

It’s a very convenient app that allows you to send and receive money right from your phone.

It’s much better than sending a check through the mail or going to Western Union, because you can just text Zelle with what is essentially an electronic gift card number that they give you when you set up each account.

This way there are no unnecessary fees added on to the transaction and it even comes with 100% protection against fraud! [2]

Facebook Messenger for Max Convenience

Using Facebook Messenger for sending payments is another great way to avoid fees.

All you have to do is download the Messenger app and link your Facebook account with it, then when someone messages or shares a photo from their profile on Messenger, they can also be requested for money through a conversation tab in the app’s interface.

It’s very convenient because payments are sent right after you click send!

To send money via Facebook Messenger, go to the “more” tab, then click on apps and select Messenger.

The interface will let you send money from your bank account or debit card right away – no need for a credit card!

You can also request payments through an existing conversation if someone has already requested it from you before.

Other Factors of Apps Like Cash App

When choosing a good money-handling app to use (especially if you use it regularly), there are some factors to consider.

cash app money

It all depends on which features are most important to you.

Let’s take a look at a few considerations.

And what about apps like Cash App that accept prepaid cards?

There are apps that do this, and apps like Venmo also provide an option to buy items with a credit card.

One of the newest apps similar to Cash App is called Zelle which claims they can complete transactions in minutes without sharing your private information or bank account number.

Whether it’s as good as Cash App remains to be seen but so far reviews have been mixed.

Do all of these apps allow you to send money instantly?

The best money transfer apps are known for the quickness of their transactions; apps like Venmo and Cash App offer this as well.

Some of these apps allow you to send money instantly but charge a fee for doing so- not all apps are created equal!

What is the safest cash app to use?

Keeping your accounts safe is a top priority, payment apps like Venmo have some security features in place but they are not necessarily the best option if you want to keep your money secure.

Some money transfer apps offer more safety than others – its up to you!

It really depends…

What matters most for you?

Each individual user should consider that there are different levels of protection offered by apps like Venmo.

Venmo offers safety features such as the use of a PIN number or fingerprint verification, whereas some of the other apps do not offer these safety features.

PayPal offers safety features such as using a pin number, which apps like Venmo do not offer.

But in order to avoid paying any fees when transferring money by using an online platform, you must ensure there are adequate security measures in place.

Which App Like Cash App is Best?

So, which is better, Cash App, PayPal, Zelle, or something else?

After seeing what makes each of them tick, what is the best money transfer app?

It’s hard to say…

Apps like Venmo and PayPal are great because they have a lot of money transfer options.

Zelle is another one that makes it easy for people who don’t have bank accounts to send or receive funds from other people; however, there has been some recent controversy about potential security risks when using Zelle.

In the end, your choice will come down to what types of apps you are most comfortable with and which apps offer features that you find desirable over a traditional bank account.

The decision comes down to how secure each app is in terms of safety for transferring funds and fees that could result when using them – as well as what platforms best suit a person’s needs and preferences.

For those reasons, we hope this article has helped outline some pros and cons associated with apps like Cash App so that individuals can make an educated assessment about whether or not they should download one of these apps on their phone!


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