Lyft vs. Uber: 10 Fascinating Differences

With growing popularity of rideshare services, companies like Lyft vs. Uber are gradually edging out regular taxi services in major cities. Owing to the various benefits that customers get from these cab-on-call services, they are choosing them more than regular taxis. Selecting between these … Read more about Lyft vs. Uber: 10 Fascinating Differences

Schedule a Lyft Ride

A new feature to roll out to the Lyft app recently is scheduled pick-ups. Many people have been clamoring for a scheduled ride option with rideshare companies. Let's say you have a planned trip to out of town and you plan on flying out via airplane. The hassle of driving to the airport, parking … Read more about Schedule a Lyft Ride

What Car Options Does Uber Have?

Uber has quite a few options when it comes to what type of ride you can choose. From their basic economy car to a luxury SUV, you can get what you need. Once you determine the level of car service then you may want to look into a promo code for your first ride. The benefits of using … Read more about What Car Options Does Uber Have?