Looking for ways to make your life run a little more smoothly?

Enter Uber’s calendar shortcuts feature.

It’s a little thing, but sometimes the littlest things make a big difference.

Uber Calendar Shortcuts

How does it work?

The feature connects your Uber and your default calendar apps.

This allows you to order a ride to a scheduled event with one tap versus copying and pasting an address.

These days with too many things to do and less time to get everything done, any time saver is a welcome one.

Regular users will surely welcome the convenience factor.

That’s what rideshare is about anyways!

How to Enable the Feature

To enable this feature, simply navigate to your Uber app settings and choose ‘Calendar Events.’

Of course, your events must have an address for the feature to work properly.

Once set up, your events will appear on the bottom of your screen as a shortcut.

Easy peasy!

Note:  This feature is currently only available for iPhone, but will be coming soon for Android users as well.

If you’d like step-by-step instructions for creating shortcuts within your Uber app, check this out.

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