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$90 Cash App Referral Code: PZJLKLH (Free Money 2021)

Trying to find a Cash App referral code for free money?

You are definitely in the right place!

If you want to join Cash App, we’ve got the best code (that actually works) plus much more 🙂

As of December 2021, there are 3 bonus promotions for Cash App. With all of these bonuses you stand to earn $90 or more!

  1. $50-$100 Direct Deposit Bonus (amount may vary)
  2. $15-$30 each time you refer-a-friend (amount may vary)
  3. $10 Cash App referral code bonus when you sign-up ($5 for you and $5 for your friend)

The lowest amount you can earn from this reward code strategy is $75 but most people report getting at least $90. The most you could get is $140 if you get the higher amount for each sign-up bonus.

💰 Get $10 Cash App Code Now​

How It Works:  Send $5 to any Cash App user to get the $5 bonus from Cash App. 

1. Get Cash App here: (iPhone or Android)
2. Tap the profile icon in the top right
3. Enter this referral code:

(click/tap to copy)
PRO TIP Invite a friend to Cash App with this code & send them $5.  Then have them send that $5 back.  You both get the free $5 bonus for $10 total!

Many people are looking for a free $20 Cash App bonus.

In this article, we’ll explore how to get all 3 bonuses and the following:

We’ve researched and tested various methods to find the best ways to get free Cash App referral code bonus money.

Earn a bonus when a friend uses your referral code to send $5 or more from a newly created Cash App account.

To receive money with the referral code bonus, make sure your friend links a debit card and sends a payment using Cash App within 14 days of entering your code.

The Cash App is available in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Do you want to turn that $10 Cash App referral code into $90 (only takes 5 minutes)?!

YES? Why wouldn’t you? 🤑

Now, let’s take a look at how to join Cash App, which gives you $90+ in bonuses.

Follow our detailed referral code guide below.

Be sure to read through this first before creating a Cash App account so you get the full referral code bonus!

And of course – make sure you enter the referral code BEFORE completing the sign-up process so you don’t miss out.

Where to Enter Cash App Referral Code Bonus on the App

See the diagram below for easy step-by-step instructions on where to enter the Cash App referral code.

where to enter cash app referral code - steps

Use Cash App referral code PZJLKLH when you make a new account and get a $5 bonus after you send $5 to another Cash App user!

💵 Cash App Referral CodePZJLKLH
💰 Referring EarnsUp to $30
🤑 Referred EarnsUp to $10
💸 Initial Transfer$5
📅 Get Paid WhenAfter Sending $5
💲 Cash OutSame Day

If you’re not familiar with Cash App, it is a peer-to-peer payment app similar to PayPal, Venmo & Zelle in the sense that it allows you to send & receive money. [1] [2] [3]

It’s a handy app with a lot of useful features.

The best part?

This Cash App referral code method is simple, quick, and just a few steps, with a diagram to make it super easy!

When you sign up, create a Cash App account and follow our instructions laid out here, you’ll learn how to make free money on Cash App simply by spreading the word and sharing your referral code.

We’re going to show you how to get $90+ free with Cash App.

What is a Cash App Referral Code?

The Cash App referral code is a special string of letters and numbers assigned to each user when they sign up. If you enter the Cash App referral code PZJLKLH and use the app within 14 days, you will get a free cash bonus.

You’ll find your personal Cash App referral code at the end of your invitation link which is the combination of numbers and letters. This link may be shared directly from the app or online, and you’ll receive money for spreading the word.

Ready to get your invitation link? See the instructions to invite friends below.

Or send your friend the code PZJLKLH to get a reward bonus after they sign-up for a Cash App account.

How To Use Cash App Referral Code (Get up to $90)

Okay, let’s get started…

So, how does it work?

For new users, use the Cash App referral code PZJLKLH and you’ll be eligible to receive money in the form of $5 in cash upon sign-up. Using this Cash App referral code is optional, but note that once you do a transaction on Cash App, you can no longer claim the $5 sign-up bonus.

So, in a nutshell, you’re going to use our referral code to sign up and create a Cash App account, then you’ll invite your own friend to join with your referral code.

Here is a quick breakdown of the Cash App referral code steps:

  1. Get App & Enter Cash App Referral Code
  2. Invite Your Friend
  3. Send Your Friend $5
  4. Have Your Friend Send Back The $5
  5. Send $5 To Your Friend

With this method, you get $15-$30 per referral and your friends get $10.

If you refer at least 3 friends you’ll get up to $90 in referral bonuses.

And remember, all of those friends receive money too!

It’s a win all-around.

We’ve created an easy-to-follow diagram that shows how the friend split method works to maximize the Cash App referral code bonuses.

No need for Cash App support – we’ve got you covered and it’s super simple 🙂

Get Direct Deposit Bonus ($50-$100)


After you’re all signed up with Cash App you can set up direct deposit for your payroll provider.

This will give you a $50 to $100 off boost for your Cash Card.

To get this bonus, follow the steps below.

  1. To Get the free Cash Card tap on the “Cash Card” icon at the bottom of the screen to request your personalized debit card.
  2. Once your Cash Card comes in th email activate the card and then go back to the “Cash Card” screen and tap on “Add Boost” button.
  3. Now you may select “$50 or $100 Anywhere” boost at the bottom.
  4. Tap “Get Started” and enter your employer information to generate the payroll direct deposit form. Give this form to your employeer.
  5. Once your employer deposits $300 into your Cash App account you’ll get the $50-$100 boost on your next Cash App card purchase after you active the boost.

The boost amount may vary from $50-$100 depending on the current promotion.

The boost will be made available to you immediately after the direct deposit shows up in your Cash App account.

For further information about this boost check out the discussion on Reddit here.

DIAGRAM – Friend Split Method for Cash App

UPDATE: The referral bonus is now $30 instead of $15 for most Cash App users. The Cash App referral code bonus amount may vary from account to account. It’s not known why some Cash App accounts have a higher or lower referral bonus amount.

I know at first glance it looks complicated, but it really isn’t.

(Tap/click image for larger view)

Cash App Referral Code Requirements to Get Started

So what do you need?

As of December 2021, you can get a $5 sign up bonus when you enroll for the Cash App.

If you use a referral code, then you must send $5 to another Cash App user within 14 days after signing up.

  • A friend, family member, or significant other to help you for 5 minutes
  • A debit card
  • A smartphone
  • $5. Don’t worry, you’ll get it back (plus more) right away into your cash account!

Now we’re going to show you in full detail how to do the referral and how to get free Cash App money quickly.

Referral Codes for Cash App 2021 List

You are eligible to get $5 in your cash account for referring a friend to Cash App.

To get the money, use this Cash App referral code: PZJLKLH.

You must send $5 from your account to another Cash App user within 14 days of using a referral code.

Referral CodeBonus AmountRequirementsExpiration
PZJLKLH $5 CashSend $5 Within 14 Days12/31/2022
RMXCWJC$5 CashSend $5 Within 14 Days12/31/2022
GLDPMZQ$5 CashSend $5 Within 14 Days12/31/2022
KGPBSFB$5 CashSend $5 Within 14 Days12/31/2022
TTJ9018$2 CashSend $5 Within 14 Days12/31/2021
PTK4099$2 CashSend $5 Within 14 Days12/31/2021

1. Get the Cash App & Enter the Referral Code

Cash App Store

Okay, step 1 in our diagram is to get the app and enter our referral code to get the Cash App sign-up bonus.

Here is a step-by-step guide to complete the process:

  1. Get the Cash App. (Available for iPhone or Android)
  2. Once the app is installed, tap ‘open’ to launch the app
  3. Next, enter your phone number or email
  4. Verify your information by entering the confirmation code sent to you
  5. Link a bank using your debit card
  6. Enter your first & last name
  7. Choose a $cashtag (your Cash App username beginning with a dollar sign)
  8. Enter your zip code
  9. You can skip this step for now, and we’ll show you how to invite your friend later
  10. Enter the referral code
  11. Tap the profile icon in top right
  12. At the bottom, tap ‘enter referral code’
  13. Enter referral code PZJLKLH

2. Invite a Friend to Cash App

Okay, step 2 in our diagram is to invite a friend to Cash App.

Here is an easy way to get your friends to sign up that I’ve used and had good success with.

First message to Friend: “Have you used the Cash App before (It’s kinda like PayPal)?”

If they say no, respond with the second message:

“Awesome, want to make a quick $10 with me? I’m wondering if you’d help me out and sign up with my referral code? It only takes 5 mins and it’s free. Then I’ll send you $5 and you send that $5 back to me. Once that’s done, you’ll get $10 for helping me out. If that sounds good to you let me know and I’ll send you the Cash App link and referral code.”

So now you’ll need to send your friend the Cash App referral code & link.

It’s easy!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Tap on the profile icon in the top right
  2. Tap ‘invite friends, get $30’
  3. Enter the person’s phone number or email address. This will send your referral link & code to your friend.

Want to use a different method?

No problem.

You can click the share icon in the top right.

Here, you can share your Cash App referral code & link via other apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc., or tap the copy button and paste it into whatever app you want.

You receive money once the signup is complete no matter which method you use.

3. Send $5 to Your Friend

Cash App Referral Code

Okay, step 3 in our diagram is to send $5 to your friend using Cash App.

You’ll get $5 in Cash App funds for completing this step.

Here’s how to send the money:

  1. Tap the dollar sign in the bottom center, then enter $5
  2. Tap ‘pay’
  3. Enter your friend’s $cashtag or name and tap ‘pay’ in the top right

4. Have Your Friend Send You $5

Okay, step 4 in our diagram is to have your friend send you $5.

This is a key part!

Your friend will get $5 and you will get $30 from Cash App for completing this step.

And if they’re wondering how to enter a Cash App referral code on the mobile app?

We do have a video walk-through that shows how to do this.

If you’d like to send this video to your friend to make it easier to follow the steps, you can send them this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qtvv2QNYaRQ

5. Send Money Back to Your Friend

Okay, step 5 in our diagram is to send $5 to your friend again.


You are sending this to your friend to split the Cash App referral code bonus since they helped you out with this awesome promo.

At this point, you currently have $20 in your Cash App account – $5 of that is your original $5 that you sent to your friend – and your friend now has $10 in their Cash App account.

Okay, guys, I know this seems like a lot of information.

That’s why we created the diagram for you, so just follow the steps if you’re feeling overwhelmed and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Easy peasy.

Okay, that completes our Cash App referral code friend split method!

Want to transfer the money into your bank account?

You can easily cash out and have the money instantly deposited into your bank account from Cash App.

And you can keep earning extra money by repeating this process with as many friends as you have who also want to download the Cash App and earn cash as a new user.

Their referral program doesn’t limit you to just a couple of friends.

Here’s how:

  • Tap the banking icon in the bottom left, then click the ‘cash out’ button
  • Tap ‘Instant’ to have the money deposited immediately into your bank account for a small fee.
  • Or, you can tap ‘standard’ and have the money transferred within 2 days for no fee (also to your bank account).

BE CAREFUL: Many other websites and YouTube videos claim that the Cash App referral code grants you higher amounts like $30 or more. They are not telling you the truth. It’s best to avoid sites and videos that are not being honest about this referral program. In fact, don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at Cash App’s official referral program help page that states “Earn $5 when a friend uses your referral code to send $5 or more from a newly created Cash App account. To receive the bonus, make sure your friend links a bank account or debit card and sends payment within 14 days.” [4]

How to Get a Free Cash App Referral Code Bonus

There are a lot of Cash App referral code flip scams going around that claim if you send them money they will “flip” it into a higher amount of money and send it back to you.

These are scams and you should avoid them at all costs.

That is NOT how their referral code system works.

In fact, referral programs, in general, don’t really work that way.

You should stick to legit ways that require a bit more effort.

Not too much more though!

Remember the saying, “money doesn’t grow on trees”.

So if you don’t have to do a little bit of work or effort to get it then it’s probably not a legit Cash App referral code offer and will most likely leave you being ripped off.

With that out of the way, here are the real ways you can make money with Cash App (referral programs, reward code & other methods!).

How to Get Free Cash App Referral Codes (Legit 2021)

Earn a $5 bonus when you download the Cash App, register a new account while using a referral code, and send your first $5 within 14 days with a linked debit card.

You’ll need to use the Cash App free money code PZJLKLH for the offer.

There are 4 legit ways to get free Cash App money:

  1. $5 with a Cash App referral code when you send $5 to someone (enter referral code at sign up)
  2. $10 when you refer a friend with your own referral code/referral link
  3. $90 when you use the friend split method detailed in this guide
  4. Use the Cash Card to unlock boosts which give you special deals at various retailers

If you follow the detailed instructions in this guide you’ll score some free Cash App money in no time.

There are also a select few users with access to their Cash App’s loan service called Borrow.

This was rolled out as a test in 2020 so it’s currently very, very selective.

Where is My Referral Code?

You can find your Cash App Referral code in the profile menu of the Cash App.

It’s simple, don’t worry!

Tap the circle icon (profile) in the top right of the Cash App.

Next, you’ll see the “Invite Friends, Get $30” button.

Now tap that button to reveal your Cash App referral code.

Note: You may need to send a text message to a friend on this screen in order to see your actual Cash App referral code (in the message).

Cash App Free Money Glitch

When it comes to Cash App referral bonus money, many people are looking for the quickest shortcut possible with the largest payout just to sign up.

There is NOT a Cash App free money glitch to discuss, however.

There are plenty of awesome Cash App hacks to try though!

These methods are tried and true ways to get free Cash App money that’s legit, without any murky gray area or cheats to get there.

Referral programs & other tips/tricks to get you going.

Much preferable, right?

We’ve got all the info you need on every way you can get Cash App rewards when you sign up and as a continuing user, so keep reading for one (or all) you might want to try!

8 Ways to Get Free Money On Cash App

Looking for a Cash App free money method that’s REAL?

Get Free Money On Cash App

Look no further.

We’ve got a list for you!

And it’s way more than just that initial reward code & sign up bonus 🙂

Here we go…

1. Use A Cash App Referral Code

When you sign up for Cash App, you can simply enter a referral code in the proper field to earn a sweet welcome bonus.

The requirement?

Simply send $5 to another Cash App user within 14 days after you enter the referral code to receive money this way.

You can earn up to $30 with this simple Cash App referral method.

If you want to increase that even further, look below for details on our Friend Split Method to earn $25 or more with their referral program!

It’s a completely legit and pretty quick way to earn free rewards for you and your friends just by trying out an awesome app with so many options.

2. Refer Friends – Friend Split Method

This is an extension of the Cash App referral bonus mentioned above and can earn you a good chunk of money depending on how far you decide to take it after sign up.

This is the best way to get free money on Cash App.

Hands down, seriously.

Here’s a simple guide to getting those Cash App bonuses:

  1. Download & install the Cash App
  2. Enter the free Cash App referral code
  3. Invite someone who isn’t a Cash App user yet
  4. Send them $5 (you’ll get this back!)
  5. They send back $5
  6. Send $5 to the same person again

To dig into each of these steps and why they matter, check out our detailed section above regarding our Cash App referral code Friend Split Method.

3. Use Cash App Cash Card for Boosted Offers with Participating Merchants


You can get bonuses & deals with participating merchants just by using Cash App’s debit card.

No referral code is needed, and you can use it repeatedly!

The Cash Card (debit card) is a great way to get boosted offers, which can up your Cash App money total quickly.

It’s also the easiest way to get cashback on your purchases.  

And remember, it works just like a debit card, with no strings attached.

Just like a regular debit card, when you make a purchase the funds come out of your account (it’s NOT like a credit card).

It’s both a physical card AND you can use it digitally.

But how does it work with the cash boost offers?


Every time you spend money from Cash App with participating merchants, they’ll deposit funds into your Cash App account (in $5 increments), which is directly connected with your Cash App debit card.

Then, after 24 hours, those cash boost funds are available for you to withdraw!

You can also order a new physical card (Cash Card) once you reach $20 in funds.

Just tap ‘Cash Card’ on your main profile screen > Tap the ‘Order Now’ button > Order it & fund it with money from your Cash App account.  BOOM.

Using a cash boost is a great way to save extra money with just a couple of clicks.

Plus, there are a lot of participating merchants to choose from.

4. Invest with Stocks with Cash App

Did you know you can invest in stocks right through Cash App?


Pretty cool, right?!

You can actually buy & sell stocks with your Cash App balance!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Tap the $Cashtag in the bottom corner of your Cash App profile page
  2. Select ‘Go’ underneath Cash Card (left)
  3. Find a stock you like and select it
  4. Tap Trade to buy or sell that stock

You can also look through the list of stocks that are available through the Cash App and how much they cost, for example:

  • Apple (AAPL): $195.5 per share
  • Alphabet (GOOGL): $1008 per share
  • Facebook (FB): $150

This is such a great way to dip your toe in the water with stocks, especially if you’re a beginner.

Plus, if you run into confusion or issues, you can reach out to Cash App support, which is very understanding and helpful, unlike a lot of bigger firms that only care about getting more money from you.

5. Invest with Bitcoin

You can invest in Bitcoin through the Cash App too!

Yet another awesome way for beginner investors to get a little practice with the process and get more comfortable in a really user-friendly way, right from your mobile phone.

You can buy Bitcoin as well as sell and transfer funds right at your fingertips.

Here’s how to buy Bitcoin on Cash App:

  1. Under Cash Card, select ‘Go’ underneath Bitcoin (left side)
  2. Find a price you’re comfortable with purchasing at and select it

That’s it!

You’ll receive a receipt of the purchase from Cash App once complete.

6. Follow Cash App on Social Media

You should definitely follow Cash App on social media, as they have been known to run the occasional promotion or giveaway.

This is a great way to earn cash after the Cash App referral code has been used.

Regular Cash App offers include their Twitter (and Instagram) sweepstakes.

Winnings include $100, $250, or $500 prizes.

How to enter?

Simply comment on their sweepstakes post with your $Cashtag.

You can also gain an extra entry for retweeting the post.

They have other different ways to win Cash App funds as well, right from your mobile phone.

For example:

A little while back they ran a promo for anyone who shared an emoji from their new emojis pack.

The winner received $1000 in Cash App money!

Another recent promotion was a chance at winning a Louis Vuitton backpack for whoever referred the most people to Cash App.

You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We also recommend following @CashApp on Snap!

These are great ways to earn some bonuses without needing that original referral code.

7. Sell Personal Items, Get Paid with Cash App

This one may seem obvious and an outlier, but it’s a tried-and-true method.

If you want to increase your Cash App balance, sell some items you no longer need and request Cash App as the payment method of choice.

Or, get paid to your bank account and transfer to Cash App.

Plus, you’ll clear out some space at the same time.

Two birds, one stone.

8. Complete Offers & Surveys About Cash App

Surveys are a great way to make a few extra bucks in Cash App rewards, and survey companies want to know about your experience with the app.

Especially once the referral code Cash App method has been exhausted, this is a great way to earn a few extra bucks.

A couple of good ones to try are RewardZone USA and InboxDollars.

There are a ton of others too though!

All you need to do is provide honest feedback.

Overall, here are some of our faves to check out:

  • InboxDollars
  • RewardZone USA
  • Survey Junkie
  • Swagbucks
  • Dosh

Many of these have an invitation bonus just for signing up, so be sure to keep an eye out for a discount code field.

This typically lets you save money as well as earn a free bonus, so don’t skip it.

What about the Cash App $750 online paid survey offer?

There are a lot of advertisements for this lucrative payout, and some are legitimate, whereas many are scams.

Signing up to take these $750 surveys technically is a legitimate method to get free money bonuses. To get the ball rolling, we suggest joining InboxDollars, which is similar to other $750 Cash App offers out there, but without requiring quite as many surveys and steps as many others.

You can earn that much with any of the survey sites just by simply doing enough surveys to reach that amount, of course.


There are some hefty payment offers that do give users a large payout all at once.

They tend to have more lengthy and demanding criteria/requirements, of course.

For example, the site Credible has a $750 cash bonus that customers can get.

This involves refinancing your student loans with their service, so just be sure of what you’re getting into before you get in too deep.

And remember, these surveys are provided by other companies, so you won’t be able to reach out to Cash App support if you encounter issues.

You might also want to borrow Cash App money with the new loan feature.

Cash App Referral Codes FAQs

How do I refer a friend to Cash App?

Open your Cash App and tap the Activity tab, then tap Invite Friends to try Cash App. When someone new to Cash App (a new user) creates an account, enters your reward code, and sends their first £50 from a newly linked debit card, you’ll both get a bonus. Your referral code is the combination of numbers and letters at the end of your invitation link and can be shared directly from the app or online.

If you’ve been invited to Cash App, you’ll need to enter the reward code of the person who referred you in order to receive your bonus or simply follow the referral link sent to you. You can check the status of your referral by tapping Reward Status in the app. More information here. [5]

Is there a limit on Cash App referral codes?

There is no limit! You can share your Cash App referral code everywhere because they want you to spread the word as much as you can. Tell everyone you want to tell, including family, friends, co-workers, etc.

When will I get the Cash App referral bonus?

If you follow our Cash App referral code friend split method instructions, both you and your friend will receive your sign-up bonus money immediately. If for some reason you have issues with this, Square Cash App offers excellent support through their Twitter page; we would recommend reaching out via that method for quick assistance with a referral code (or any other issue). [6]

Where can we find our Cash App codes?

You’re in luck! We describe step-by-step how to find your code to complete this referral code Cash App bonus process. Check out step 2 above for more details.

What if I don’t have a friend to invite to Cash App?

We would recommend only completing these referral code steps with a friend, family member, or someone you at least know and trust, such as a coworker or acquaintance. Also on that note, a word of warning about any potential fraudulent activity: Cash App’s terms of service will cancel any accounts flagged for fraud, so keep your reward code transactions friendly, please. The reward code with Cash App is a great way to recruit your friends so try telling them in person instead of by text message to increase your chances of them taking action so you can receive money. [7]

Are Cash App “Flips” A Scam?

Yes, they are! If it seems too good to be true it is! Usually, the scammer will try to show you screenshot proof to try and gain your trust. They might ask you to send a small amount like $2-$8 and flip that amount to gain your trust. This is not how the actual Cash App referral bonus works. Don’t fall for it! They are only doing this to get you to send a bigger amount later; it’s not a true referral code offer. You can read more about how to be safe on Cash App here. [8]

Does Cash App have a referral program?

Yes, the Cash App referral program is $30 when you invite a friend and they send $5 to someone. You must complete this step within 14 days. This Cash App referral code has unlimited use so you can invite as many friends as you wish.

What is the Cash App Joe Rogan Code?

A while back on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Cash App was the featured sponsor. They offered a unique code that granted new Cash App users a $10 bonus upon sign up. They also donate $10 to Justin Wren’s Fight for the Forgotten charity. However, that promotion has since expired.

Can I refer multiple people using your Friend Split Method?

Yes, you can refer as many friends as you’d like! You’ll only receive the first part of the referral bonus when you very first sign up, but the rest of the referral bonus you can get as often as you refer new users. Your Cash App referral code is unlimited as far as usage goes.

Is Cash App safe enough to trust these rewards?

Yes, absolutely! Cash App is very safe, surprisingly so even. And the Cash App referral program is very safe as well. You can read up on their security measures in their FAQs for more security & reassurance.

Is Cash App actually a good way to get started with investing?

Yes, absolutely! Their limits are super low ($1), the process is incredibly simple and very user-friendly, and you can learn as you go. It’s the perfect platform for a beginner for both stocks and Bitcoin. [9]

Thank you for reading our Cash App referral guide!


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  9. Investing with Cash App