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DoorDash Review: What Customers Are Raving About

What do people have to say when writing a DoorDash review?

We’ve summarized the hottest topics typically raised by consumers to give you a better idea of what to expect when ordering via DoorDash – or any delivery service – now and in the future.

Reviewing the DoorDash Ordering Process

When you want to order food and you’re thinking of trying a new service, a lot of times the reviews are something you’ll look at to determine what type of experience to expect.

For a food delivery service, having positive reviews is of the utmost importance because people want to have an issue-free experience.

So how do people critique the ordering process?

Good? Bad? Just okay?

There are a few factors to touch on when talking about ordering food with the DoorDash (or any delivery service) app.

These include the app itself and the delivery process, most importantly.

DoorDash App Review

The DoorDash app is fairly simple to use and easy to figure out.

Thankfully, they clearly spent some time molding the user interface with their customers in mind.

You can sort your options by type of food, which is a huge feature when you’re craving something specific, whether it’s Italian, Chinese, Ramen or anything else.

You can also search for a specific restaurant.

DoorDash reviews have overall high ratings in both the App Store and Google Play store, and for good reason.

The ordering process is quick, which is a big factor when you’re already hungry and trying to get food to arrive as quickly as possible.

In just a few steps, you can go from scrolling options to tracking your order without hassle.

DoorDash Delivery Reviews

DoorDash Delivery Reviews

So how does the actual delivery service process measure up?

As with many aspects of any food delivery service, there are both strengths and weaknesses mentioned in many DoorDash reviews.

On the strengths side, there are common things mentioned such as:

  • Variety of delivery options, such as group orders, doing a pick up instead of delivery to save money, or even scheduling the delivery for a later time.
  • Estimated delivery time listed before finalizing your order so you can know what to expect.
  • Ability to track your food delivery.

There are, of course, opportunities for improvement, especially with the current overwhelming surge in on-demand delivery services such as DoorDash.

Common delivery-specific issues include:

  • Delivery after the estimated time window
  • Canceled orders (for example, if a restaurant runs out of one item from the order)
  • Miscommunication between customers and dashers resulting in issues

These issues have been exacerbated by the rush of customers utilizing more food delivery services during the pandemic.

Thankfully, DoorDash is aware of any issues and has been diligently working on improvements to its delivery services and overall model to ease any concerns.

DoorDash Reviews: Prices & Overall Cost

Overall, delivery service reviews tend to focus on experiences, not necessarily the associated cost.

That being said, the most common topic when it comes to prices or fees in a review is that it’s expensive.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that a food delivery service such as DoorDash has expenses to cover, and they have to pass some of that cost along to their customers in order to keep providing the service at all.

While it may seem like a lot when you’re looking at your order total and seeing added costs plus a tip, these fees are reasonable and usually less than many of their competitors.

Also important to keep in mind is that people are more likely to share a review when they’ve had a negative experience, especially when it comes to how much money they paid.

Our advice?

When looking at what other people think about DoorDash, don’t pay too much attention to what people say about the pricing, but instead about their overall experience.

Customer Promotions

DoorDash Promo Code

Promotions with delivery services are something customers definitely notice, and DoorDash seems to excel at offering different ways to save money.

DoorDash review comments often touch on the quality of their discounts, in fact.

For a closer look at promotions for new users, take a look at our guide to valid DoorDash promo code options.

Various offers mentioned by customers include:

  • Social media flash deals
  • DashPass discounts
  • Promo codes for new users
  • Restaurant-specific deals with partners

Offering perks is certainly a good way of obtaining and retaining customers, as well as encourage positive customer reviews.

Well done, DoorDash.

Plus most of these options (except the promo codes for new users) are even available as DoorDash promo codes for existing users!

The Tipping Process

Tipping when you use DoorDash is not required, however, it is appreciated and expected as with most service jobs such as restaurant servers and bartenders.

Thankfully, it’s easy to tip your DoorDash driver right through the app.

You can add a tip in the app during checkout, or you can tack it on after your delivery has arrived.

If preferred, you can also offer a cash tip, although it’s best to keep in mind that currently deliveries are made without contact with the delivery drivers due to the coronavirus pandemic, so if you’d prefer to tip in cash you’d want to make the proper arrangements.

So where can you add a tip?

If you’re adding a tip during checkout, simply add the amount in the ‘Dasher Tip’ section on the checkout page.

If you’d rather add it after you’ve received your delivery, the screen will pop up in the app on the same screen that gives you the ability to rate your driver.

If for some reason you need to adjust the tip amount after it’s been entered, you can contact customer support to change it. They are available for phone calls, support chat, or email assistance.

Having multiple options for adding gratuity is something that has been mentioned in many positive DoorDash reviews.

DashPass – Is It Worth It?

DoorDash DashPass for Existing Users

DoorDash reviews of DashPass are highly positive and for good reason.

With a cost of only $9.99 monthly, it’s a feature that’s affordable for many and keeps regular customers ordering more often without the constant addition of service and delivery fees.

Features often seen mentioned within customer reviews include the following:

  • Low monthly cost
  • Easy to cancel or restart if/when needed
  • Worthwhile benefits (free delivery, reduced service fees & special deals)
  • Easy to use (discounts are automatic)

With only about 2-3 orders per month, the cost makes up for itself in benefits.

No wonder customer reviews rave about DashPass!

Comparing DoorDash Review to Similar Services

In terms of DoorDash customer reviews, they stack up pretty evenly with those of their competitors.

The strengths and weaknesses of food delivery apps seem to be pretty common across the board.

For example, reviewers tend to complain about delivery times no matter which service is being discussed.

Positive reviews often mention that food was delivered on time.

They also touch on the ease of the entire experience as a whole.

There are a lot of differences between DoorDash and similar apps such as Postmates, GrubHub, and Uber Eats.

Typically, though, the consumer reviews tend to focus on the same type of problems and/or positive attributes from one service to the other.

Check out our DoorDash vs GrubHub comparison post for a full-fledged look at similarities & differences between 2 of the top food delivery apps.

DoorDash Customer Review FAQs

Is DoorDash safe for customers to order during the pandemic?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to order food delivery even amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully, DoorDash has added the ‘no-contact’ delivery specification as the default to all of their delivery orders to decrease exposure risk as much as possible.