Freebird Promo Code & Free Ride 2019 Guide

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With Freebird you no longer have to pay full price for Uber or Lyft rides. Grab up to $25+ in cashback and enjoy rideshare all over again.

Uber and Lyft loyalists are raving about the new Freebird app.

Why you might ask?

Because Freebird has teamed up with Lyft and Uber to deliver rewards for taking your everyday rides.

These discounts apply to every ride you take.

To get started you can score a one-off discount with a Freebird promo code.

These promotional codes work for new and existing Lyft or Uber users.

When you combine a Lyft or Uber code and a Freebird invite code you can double up on your discounts.

💰 3 Quick Steps to Unlock $30 Cash Now


Use the Freebird app to get cash for taking Uber or Lyft rides.

Note: This works for new or existing Lyft and Uber users.


  1. Get the Freebird rides app (No cost, completely free)
    • Download & install the app: GO HERE
    • Login using your Uber or Lyft Account
  2. Enter a promo code into the Freebird app
    1. Go to ☰ menu (top left) then “Promo Codes” to redeem the code
    2. Choose a promo code from the list below
  3. Request your Uber or Lyft rides in the Freebird app


$5 cash back per ride for the first four rides for a total of $20


$4 cash back per ride for the first six rides for a total of $24


$3 cash back per ride for the first ten rides for a total of $30

HOW IT WORKS: You must request the rides in the Freebird app to get the cash. After each ride, you’ll see the cash back in your Freebird account. The cash back can be easily deposited into your debit card. Keep using the Freebird app after the initial promotional rides and Freebird will send you a $5 bonus promo code: ROLL10 after your 10th ride. Promo codes are only good for new users that have not claimed previous Freebird codes.

Want to unlock more cash? Follow the rest of the detailed guide below.

The Freebird app will seriously change the way you look at rideshare.

How Does the Freebird App Work?

Our fave rideshare apps like Lyft and Uber connect to the Freebird app.

You can request a ride with Freebird and the app will open into Lyft or Uber.

It’s convenience at it’s best.

But how does it benefit me?

The Freebird app actually allows you to earn cash back or points (that turn into cash) for all Uber or Lyft rides that you order.

It’s a totally new way to ride!

And not a ton of people know about this awesome new opportunity within rideshare.

It’s a lot more than just another rewards app, and now is the time to jump on board.

Best of all, it’s simple.

Tap the search bar, enter the address & enter your destination.

That’s about it, and Freebird goes anywhere Uber or Lyft goes.

Each ride earns reward points as well.

Also…good news!

We have promo codes for both new and existing app users.

How is the support if I run into issues?

It’s excellent!

Freebird’s customer service is touted as being very responsive, whether you’ve used the app before or you’re new to it.

As far as cost, the only charges you’ll see are the cost of your ride from Uber and Lyft.

Helping to save money on rideshare services is Freebird’s goal.