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GrubHub Review from Genuine Customers

What do GrubHub reviews have to say about the convenient food delivery service?

We’ve scoured customer reviews to get the deets on what people think about it and put it together in this little guide.

If you’re thinking of trying it out or considering a competitor, reading reviews from real customers can be helpful.

Reviews for the GrubHub Process

Reading reviews when trying a new product or service these days is pretty normal.

It’s almost expected, in fact.

The thing is, people are so much more likely to leave a review when they have a negative one instead of a positive one.

So when you’re out looking for reviews, sometimes it can be frustrating to figure out what type of experience you could realistically expect.

That’s why we’ve done the research for you.

We’ve consolidated a large number of reviews and summarized them for you so you can get a better idea of what to anticipate as a customer.

GrubHub App Review

GrubHub App Review with food

What do GrubHub app reviews have to say about the most well-established food delivery service out there?

Well, they’ve been in business for a long time.

They’re the pioneers of the industry, so they’ve got a good sense of what works and what people want from a smartphone app.

Theirs is easy to use and makes the ordering process happen as quickly as possible.

Other big factors mentioned frequently by reviewers include:

  1. Allows users to see the estimated delivery time before placing an order
  2. Ability to browse through restaurant options before creating an account
  3. Simple to add filters such as price, location & type of food
  4. Easy to find deals by using the GrubHub Perks section

A good app is absolutely key to happy customers, so positive reviews in this area are very important.

GrubHub Delivery Review

How about GrubHub food delivery reviews?  How do they measure up with the competition?

When it comes down to the point of delivery, most food delivery apps come out pretty even with each other.

This is the moment when most negative reviews are born.

It’s the most important part of the experience for most people because it’s often when most problems can arise and sour the experience overall.

This isn’t unique to GrubHub, though.

Most negative reviews for all similar food delivery services cite delivery issues as the cause.

Issues such as cold food/late deliveries, poor communication from the driver, missing items, etc. are common, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the number of regular users of the apps significantly.

That being said, GrubHub customer service is often said to have good resolution skills, which is important when any issues may come up.

GrubHub Reviews of Price, Fees & Overall Cost

GrubHub Reviews - Prices/Fees

Any discussion of GrubHub reviews must cover the topic of cost, of course.

How do they compare to similar services?

GrubHub user reviews in comparison to those of other services (those focusing on cost) are typically positive.

The thing that differentiates them from some competitors is the fact that they don’t charge a service fee.

You’ll see charges for the food itself, the delivery fee, sales taxes, and an optional tip.

These are all standard pricing components seen with every food delivery app out there, but many charge a service fee on top of these other costs.

GrubHub does not.

In many cases, this causes their overall pricing to be lower, although other factors come into play as well since restaurants do choose their own pricing and order minimums that could affect your final total.

GrubHub Promotions

When it comes to saving money, how are the reviews on GrubHub?

Like most other food delivery apps, new users have access to a new user promotion when they first try the service.

There are a wide variety of different promotions out there for the various companies competing in this market.

GrubHub offers great deals for new users to try their service.

Here are some of them to try:

  • Use promo code: AFF25 for 25% off your first order of $15+ (app only)
  • Use promo code: AFF7 for $7 off any order of $12+ for new customers

Having a choice between using a straight dollar amount discount and a percentage is a pretty unique trait to GrubHub.

Typically, only one promo code is offered, so you could say that GrubHub is winning at the promo code game.

For a harder look at these promotions & more ideas to keep saving, check out our GrubHub promo code guide.

GrubHub+ Program

If you’re looking for a GrubHub Plus review before making the leap, here we are.

Among the various food delivery services, their program isn’t the best out there.

It does have some good perks, though.

Benefits include:

  • Free delivery from all partner restaurants
  • Elite Care customer service team
  • GrubHub Community Relief Fund matching donations

The free delivery is a big factor if you order often, and that’s pretty much what most reviews covering this topic will touch on.

If that is a factor for you, it’ll pay for itself within 2-3 orders and may be well worth the $9.99 per month cost.

GrubHub Compared to Top Food Delivery Apps

GrubHub Reviews Compared - Scooter

When you put GrubHub side-by-side with other top food delivery apps, how do they compare?

Many of these top apps have a lot of features in common, with some key differences of course.

Judging by an overview of many customer reviews, it seems that customers are overall pretty happy with the service.

As mentioned earlier in this article, most negative reviews are due to a poor experience stemming from a delivery issue.

Apart from that though?

People rave about how easy the app is to use compared to others, and how easy it is to get a good deal with GrubHub.

Their fees tend to be among the lower of similar services, and their customer service is good as well.

Other companies such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Postmates have positive attributes (and positive reviews) as well, but GrubHub is definitely squarely at the top of the pack with a loyal following.

For a deeper look at these differences, take our GrubHub vs DoorDash comparison post for a spin.

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