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Ibotta Cheat Sheet 2022 Guide

Hacks & Tricks to Make Money

Are you looking for the best Ibotta cheats?

Trying to save money and get maximum cash back at the grocery store, shopping online, or just earn cash?

We’ve got the tips & tricks you need!

In this article, we will discuss:

Yes, we know the best Ibotta cheats (and other cash back apps) to keep your Ibotta rewards coming in flush.

Let’s take a look!

What Are the Best Ibotta Cheats for Max Cash Rewards?

Best Ibotta Cheats for Max Cash Rewards

The best hacks to save money using the Ibotta app (a free app, btw) are easy peasy lemon breezy!

Here are some ideas for Ibotta app cheats you can use to see how much money you can save from your grocery receipts.

Ibotta Hacks: 12 Ways to Make & Save Money!

  1. Be sure to get your $20 Ibotta welcome bonus!
  2. Install the Ibotta browser extension (huge for online retailers)
  3. Put your store loyalty cards to use
  4. Snag bonus rebates!
  5. Look for Ibotta hidden bonuses
  6. Don’t buy something you don’t need
  7. Don’t forget coupons – you can combine!
  8. Verify before you buy
  9. Always keep your receipts
  10. Have your list ready ahead of time
  11. Use it for more than just groceries (shop online too)
  12. Ibotta referral code – tell your friends

If you really want to earn rewards at maximum pace, here are a few more ideas for Ibotta users to earn extra money both in-store and your favorite stores online as well.

Ibotta Cheats to Earn Even More Ibotta Cash

  1. Scan the same receipt across multiple apps. You can scan the same receipts with other receipt scanning apps like Slide, Fetch Rewards and Shopkick
  2. Check for bonuses for extra earning potential
  3. Download other cash back apps too

What About an Ibotta Receipt Cheat or Ibotta Barcodes Cheat?

I’ve heard others describe an Ibotta account hack involving the use of an older receipt being combined with a current one from the same store in order to game the system when you go to capture multiple receipts or a long grocery receipt in the app.

Ibotta Receipt Cheat or Ibotta Barcodes Cheat

So what’s the deal?

This is very much against Ibotta’s terms of service and is a good way to get your account shut down.

We’d rather focus on tips, tricks, and Ibotta app cheats that focus on making the most of your cash back and Ibotta rebates instead of earning money via questionable methods.

8 Ibotta Cheats

  1. Link your store loyalty card to your Ibotta account (double discounts)
  2. Watch for recurring rebates
  3. Low priced items can bring great deals (add multiples)
  4. Be a team player
  5. Use the bar code scanner to verify deals
  6. Pay attention to rebates with multiple items
  7. Check stores before you start shopping
  8. Use various cash-back apps together

Using Ibotta Codes for Free Money

At any point while using your Ibotta app, you can always refer friends to make money to use towards everyday purchases or free gift cards.

Referring other Ibotta users is a common way to earn cash through the Ibotta app in addition to using Ibotta offers and saving money while grocery shopping (other participating stores too).

Earn Money with Ibotta Hacks (Tips & Tricks)

Here’s the deal.

If you’re really trying to crank up the digital coupons here and save more money at the grocery store, there are methods to go about it the right way.

Earn Money with Ibotta Hacks

Here is our suggested method, especially when it comes to in-store shopping:

  1. Make a grocery list (and stick to it!)
  2. Open the Ibotta app and search for offers
  3. Check for bonus opportunities (both high and low priced items)
  4. Note Ibotta deals on your grocery list
  5. Go to Fetch Rewards & look for offers on the same items/store
  6. Use Ibotta’s barcode scanner to verify deals at the store
  7. Make sure you have your loyalty card linked
  8. Make sure to get your receipt (don’t throw it away!)

And in case you’re wondering what the heck Fetch Rewards is, it’s a service similar to Ibotta with a similar cash back structure, although their funds can be cashed out by buying a gift card for participating retailers.

With the Ibotta app you have that ability to purchase a gift card as well as the option of cashing out to your PayPal account or bank account. [1]

The best part?

You can use both apps simultaneously and use the same receipt with both to double-up on your cash back and save even more money than with just one.

Combining the Ibotta app and Fetch Rewards is great too because their process for scanning receipts is pretty similar.

If you have a loyalty card (or many) connected to your Ibotta account, it’s even easier because then you just scan with Fetch and save up for a sweet gift card while cashing out your Ibotta cash back to your own account.

Just an idea.

You can combine them however you want!

Getting the Best Deals with the Ibotta App

You want to save more money and get more cash back with Ibotta?

Here is some general advice to getting that free money.

Best Deals with the Ibotta App

Don’t sleep on these because they seem simple; these cash back methods are tried & true to putting more money in your Ibotta balance.

Offers are always changing and new ones are always being added, so be sure to check back often, and by all means, don’t forget your receipts!

10 Best Ibotta Cheats to Earn Money

  1. Have a shopping list
  2. Always check the Ibotta offers
  3. Use your referral code
  4. Take advantage of teamwork bonuses [2]
  5. Pay attention to recurring rebates
  6. Use Ibotta’s barcode scanner
  7. Always upload your receipts
  8. Score Ibotta Walmart deals often (can even use with pickup!)

Ibotta Hack FAQ

Can I get real cash from the cash back I get from Ibotta?

Yep, you sure can! You can make money and rack up your cash or cash out once your balance reaches $20. You can cash out to your bank account, PayPal account or purchase a gift card from a participating retailer.

Can I combine discounts from my loyalty cards with Ibotta offers?

Yes! You can combine most discounts together when using Ibotta, including welcome bonuses, your first rebate, promo codes, and Ibotta offers, etc. [3]


  1. Ibotta + Gift Cards
  2. Teamwork Bonuses
  3. Offer Stacking

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