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Ibotta Review: Earn Cash Back On Everyday Items (2022 Guide)

Wondering if the Ibotta app is any good?

You’re in the right place because that’s what this Ibotta review is all about (and saving money, of course).

So many people love Ibotta, but why?

In this Ibotta app review, we’re going to show you how to start with $30 right away and also discuss:

Spoiler alert: yes, Ibotta is legit and it’s a phenomenal way to save money on groceries you’re already planning on buying with just a couple of very simple steps.

If you are looking for a way to save money on groceries and get real cash back, Ibotta is the app for you.

When you get started with Ibotta use referral code: PJDLSCG.

Ibotta has many features that make it easy to earn cash back from your regular grocery shopping (and extra money from most national retailers as well, all within one account).

ibotta app

You can find in-store deals, scan barcodes, search for products, and more! [1]

In this review, we will cover all the details about how Ibotta works including what types of offers are available and how to redeem them with ease!

When it comes to money-saving apps, it doesn’t get much easier and more user-friendly than Ibotta 🙂

So, What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is a money-saving app that offers consumers rebates in the form of cash back on the products they buy and consume.

In fact, it’s one of the best apps for cash back out there!

With Ibotta, you can earn cash back for buying items at your local grocery store, or any of these stores:

  • Walgreens
  • Walmart
  • Kroger
  • CVS Pharmacy

And that’s just to name a few!

The best part?

You never have to do anything more than scan some barcodes while you’re shopping with your phone in order to get started and earn money.

Next, our review of Ibotta takes a look at how the shopping app works.

How Does Ibotta Work?

Ibotta is a free app available for both iPhone and Android users.

ibotta how works

The Ibotta app functions as a digital grocery list where you can browse in-store deals, scan barcodes, or search items to find the best offers for your purchase!

Super convenient, yes?

The app also allows users to search for deals based on their grocery list, which could save them time when they’re shopping next time around (and make their Ibotta offers go further).

The best part?

The Ibotta app is free to download and use, but there are some in-app purchases available for purchase.

These include a monthly subscription or the option to add your own deals to promote them on the app.

For new users, you are eligible to receive the $20 welcome bonus by completing offers in the app (Ibotta referral code 2022 & beyond).

ibotta welcome bonus

These bonuses include:

Welcome Bonus #1: Receive a $10 Welcome Bonus for redeeming an in-store offer (Any Brand and Any Item offers excluded)

Welcome Bonus #2: Receive a $5 Welcome Bonus for redeeming an online offer.

Welcome Bonus #3: A secondary $5 Welcome Bonus for redeeming an in-store or online offer.

Get Started with Ibotta Today!

You find out more information about the welcome bonus here. [2]

How To Use The Ibotta App

When first opening up the Ibotta app you’ll need to create an account that includes your name and email address.

After logging in, you’ll be able to scan items at the grocery store or search for them through Ibotta’s “Offers” tab.

Once found, just click on it, show the cashier (or bartender) your phone screen with the purchase information and receive instant rebates!

Where can you get cash rebates?

So many places!

It’s particularly great for grocery shopping, but there are also deals with Ibotta partners such as convenience stores, and online retailers, and you can even connect your Walmart account in conjunction with their handy pickup feature (Target, too!).

Ibotta Cash Back Options

In order to receive cash back with Ibotta, you must meet certain requirements such as reaching $20 before cashing out or making 20 items using only one offer code (unless it’s an instant rebate).

Submitting receipts is super easy, so don’t sweat it.

And if you can’t reach these amounts?

Don’t worry!

Ibotta users can also earn money through other ways like taking surveys, watching videos, and downloading apps.

Earning cash is seriously so simple with Ibotta; it’s such a beautiful thing.

And you can even scan the bar code of an item before purchasing it to verify that it’s part of your targeted offer.

Then when you go to upload receipts, you know everything will give you the right deals.

The Ibotta Browser Extension

Ibotta has an extension for both Safari and Chrome web browsers, so you can shop online at your favorite stores like Target®, Walmart®, or Costco™ – all while earning cash back.

ibotta extention

When shopping on the Ibotta extension, be sure to enter the name of a store that carries what you need!

For example: “Kroger” if I was shopping for items from Kroger; “Target” if I were looking at things from my local Target store, etc.

The list will include any offers found inside those stores with discounts available when using Ibotta’s Cash Back Rebates program(s).

It’s simple!

Select which brand you want to use, and Ibotta will show you all the deals available in that store.

You can save money online with just a few clicks 🙂

You have a set amount of time to finish those offers, once completed they are automatically redeemed for cash back.

I usually pick one section at a time (i.e., housewares) and browse through what’s on offer until I find something I can use or would like to purchase anyways – then I select it from the list, earn my money back, and continue browsing/shopping with no pressure as there is always another deal coming up next.

The extension makes shopping online so much easier while helping me save more money than before!

Seriously. So easy.

Here are some more helpful tips about using the Ibotta browser extension here. [3]

Ibotta Grocery Pickup and Delivery

Ibotta Grocery Pickup and Delivery is a new service available in select cities where Ibotta has partnered with grocery stores.

ibotta grocery

By ordering, you can earn cash back on your order AND skip the hassle of going to the store or standing in line at checkout!

Plus, because we’ve negotiated deep discounts for our users, this means even more cashback off your groceries when using Ibotta.

How Pickup & Delivery Works

Choose one of these convenient delivery options:

  • Have an existing account? Click ‘Order Now’ below and sign in to your account first
  • Have not yet created an account? Click ‘Create Account’
  • Complete the registration info fields before clicking ‘Order Now.’

Once registrations complete successfully, customers will be able to place an order.

That’s it!

You’ll have the option to select from your favorite stores, and decide what you want to be delivered and then Ibotta will do the rest.

Delivery Options

Ibotta offers three delivery options for customers who live in a city where we are partnered with grocery stores:

  • Delivery within 48 hours by Store Pickup (fees apply)
  • One-hour Delivery via Instacart (fees apply)
  • Two-day Shipping using Amazon Prime Now / Whole Foods Market Fresh + (No fees required).

Shoppers must be members of one or both services as well as Ibotta App users to take advantage of this offer.

Store Benefits

We’ve negotiated deep discounts on top products at some of the top brands we’ve partnered with.

This means not only are you going to be able to get some great deals on your favorite products, but stores will also benefit from Ibotta because we take a percentage of the amount each store earns back as commissions!

Score 🙂

Next, our Ibotta review will reveal how rebates work in the money-saving app.

How Do Ibotta Rebates Work?

What is Ibotta 3

When you shop at a participating store, Ibotta automatically sends your purchase information to them.

This is true for physical stores as well as when you shop online.

The retailer then takes the rebate from the sale of that item and credits it to your Ibotta account. [4]

It’s like getting cash back on items in stores without even asking for it!

And it’s really free?


Ibotta doesn’t charge any fees or require certain brands or products so there is no risk involved when using this app.

They also have rewards available which can be redeemed anytime by picking what they want off their website with gift card options too!

You may not know yet but if you’re an avid online shopper, especially during Black Friday sales, get ready because much more money could be coming right back into your pocket soon enough.

What Types of Offers Are There?

The Ibotta app has many types of offers including cash back from participating supermarkets like Kroger, Albertsons, Safeway, and more!

They offer deals on store brands as well as generic and name-brand items as well.

You can also get money back on baby products with Amazon Mom Offers.

Ibotta Offers

Other stores that offer discounts include Walgreens, Best Buy, and Game Stop.

Keep reading below to learn how redeeming these great savings will be easy when using this app!

How do I Redeem an Ibotta Offer?

  1. Download & Sign Up: To redeem an Ibotta offer, first download the Ibotta App and then sign up using your email address. You will receive an activation code via text message. Enter this number in the appropriate field to verify that you are 18 years of age or older and agree to the Terms of Service Agreement.
  2. Find & Redeem Offers: Now when you find an offer on products that interest you, just scan its barcode with your phone camera or search for it by name! The app will tell how much money back is available from participating stores like Kroger, Albertsons Safeway, etc., so all that’s left is for you to pick up those items at checkout (make sure they rung up correctly!) Once completed you’ll be eligible to receive your Ibotta rebate!
  3. Get Your Cash Back: When cashback has arrived, you’ll find it in your Ibotta account within 24 hours. You can then spend the money on a future purchase or withdraw it to your bank account by setting up a linked PayPal account or Venmo account.

Note: Some offers may require an upfront purchase of that product before getting the discount. These are clearly labeled as “PURCHASE REQUIRED” so be sure to read the fine print!

If you want to read up on some more tips and tricks about Ibotta check out their blog. [5]

Next, our Ibotta review will take a look at the legitimacy of the app.

Is Ibotta Legit?

In short, yes.

When asked, ‘Is Ibotta legitimate,’ the answer is a resounding YES, very legit.

If there’s any question about whether Ibotta is legit, let me assure you: this service has been around since 2012 and their reputation speaks for itself.

It works like magic and could help save you money when shopping at all sorts of retailers.

It’s completely legit because it doesn’t charge any fees to use their app, and they don’t require that you buy certain brands or products in order to get cashback.

Below are some tips on how to save more with Ibotta:

  • Sign up for notifications about upcoming promotions so you can score even better deals
  • When shopping online, be sure and download the app from ibotta.com/app
  • Download the Ibotta App at Apple Store (or Google Play Store)
  • Be sure to use an Ibotta referral code or click our referral link when signing up to earn a bonus! (Referral code is PJDLSCG)
  • Look for their seasonal specials for extra bonus money, such as their back-to-school specials or holiday bonuses for redeeming a certain number of offers
  • Connect your loyalty accounts to the Ibotta app to redeem offers more quickly with your mobile device (your Walmart loyalty account connects easily, as does Target and many other major retailers)
  • Check out Ibotta’s referral program to earn some solid account credits simply for spreading the word

Finally, our Ibotta review wraps up with a solid recommendation to use the app if you don’t mind adding a few minutes to your everyday shopping experience.

Some Issues I’ve Experienced With The App

There are a few issues when using Ibotta such as the app crashing occasionally or not showing up for certain items when scanning.

These issues were something that my wife experienced when trying out the app.

I personally did not have any issues at all.

Update: Since writing this article my wife has not experienced any of these issues anymore while using the app regularly. They could have been due to a bug that has been worked out or simply a user error. Exactly what went wrong, we’re not sure, but we both absolutely love Ibotta now!

The Bottom Line

Overall I think this app is beneficial because they offer so many different ways to make money back from everyday purchases like grocery shopping or beers on a night out with friends.

It takes some time before cashing out large amounts.


All of these little savings really add up over time!

And the cash rewards actually stack up pretty quickly with just a big shopping trip every now and then.

I would recommend this app because it’s so easy to use and helps save time at checkout by eliminating coupons, but I would have liked them more if they offered an easier way to redeem my offers without having to scan them every single time with the scanner on my phone.

That being said, it really doesn’t take much time to submit receipts.

It’s actually a lot more simple than many other cash-back apps, and with more potential to earn extra cash right out of the gate with a new account, too.

Right after you download Ibotta you have access to savings with so many retailers and a slew of bonus options.

Ibotta FAQs

Can I double-dip discounts if I have a loyalty card linked to my Ibotta account?

Sure thing! You can double-up on most discounts through the Ibotta app, actually.

If I scan a receipt in Ibotta, can I use the same receipt for another app like Fetch Rewards?

Another yes! In fact, we recommend it 🙂 Plus, you can cash out with a gift card with Fetch and cash with Ibotta. It’s a great combination. Check out our comparison guide to Ibotta vs Fetch Rewards for more on this!

Can I use multiple referral codes when signing up?

No, but you don’t need to. You can use the initial referral code to sign up for Ibotta’s app, then you have access to earn a ton of other bonuses very easily.


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