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Ibotta Walmart Grocery Pickup Guide (2022)

Are you trying to figure out the best Ibotta Walmart deals?

Trying to use them together for a combination Ibotta-Walmart pickup?

We hear you.

Let’s talk about how to make that happen!

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into:

Yes, the Ibotta app works very well with Walmart’s various services and makes life hella easier…

…and we’re about to dish out all the know-how you’ll need to make the most of it and save huge on all of your future Walmart purchases!

Let’s get started.

Ibotta Walmart Deals Explained


There are many ways for Walmart shoppers to save with Ibotta, including grocery delivery, household deals, and more.

A lot of times they will add a little something extra in the Ibotta offer to make it even sweeter!

But you need to know how to properly cash Ibotta Walmart grocery pickup for sure.

How Do Ibotta Walmart Deals Work?

It’s simple.

When you complete an Ibotta Walmart grocery pickup, it helps Ibotta buyers get a better picture of which items are selling well in their area.

Products that sell fast at Walmart stores across the country may be destined for Ibotta offers.

That way, Ibotta shoppers can grab popular products while earning cash rebates on them – with no coupons or clipping necessary!

Best Ways to Save at Walmart with Ibotta

  1. Download the Walmart Grocery app
  2. Download the Ibotta app if you haven’t already
  3. Link the Ibotta app to your Walmart account
  4. Redeem Ibotta Walmart offers
  5. Use the Pay with Ibotta feature at checkout to buy a Walmart e-gift card to pay for your purchase

If you’re loving saving at Walmart, be sure to check out our guide to Ibotta cheats to maximize your savings 🙂

Ibotta Walmart Pickup

To use Ibotta with Walmart pickup, you’ll need Ibotta, which you can download for free.


Once Ibotta is ready to use, it’s simple as 1-2-3!

  1. Set up your Ibotta account
  2. Earn Ibotta Walmart grocery pickup offers
  3. Scan your Ibotta barcode at the Ibotta checkout

When Ibotta validates your purchase, you’ll earn a cash back reward for using Ibotta with Walmart grocery pickup!

It’s seriously that easy.

Ibotta Walmart Matchups

Ibotta Walmart matchups are Ibotta offers that reward users when they purchase Ibotta-eligible products at Walmart.

To Claim Ibotta Walmart Matchups

First, make sure you’re using Ibotta to scan eligible products at all Ibotta participating stores and never miss out on an Ibotta offer.

Also, let Ibotta know any time your purchase is not validated by Ibotta (even if it’s a non-Ibotta eligible product)

You can do this in two ways:

  1. In the Ibotta mobile app, tap ‘Report Item Not Validated’
  2. Send an email to [email protected] letting us know what store you were shopping at and how it went (for example, if the cashier declined one of your items or there was no scanner available for all of them).

Ibotta Walmart Online

If you’re ordering items through Walmart’s website, you can pay using your Ibotta balance, or a combination of Ibotta and another payment method.

The Ibotta offer must be redeemed through the Ibotta app at checkout for it to count towards that particular offer.

Walmart grocery online

Ibotta guarantees two hours from the time you place your order until they validate and send you an email confirmation of your success (or let you know what’s missing).

Validating the purchase with Ibotta before placing an order does not mean that they have guaranteed two hours on delivery, but rather that they promise to let shoppers know if something is missing from the order.

Want to bookmark a deal for later?

You can find these deals when you’re scrolling through potential purchases by using the convenient Ibotta extension for your browser.

Using Pay with Ibotta at Walmart

It’s incredibly convenient to pay for your items at Walmart by using the pay with Ibotta feature.

Basically, this works because you’re basically purchasing a gift card through the Ibotta app (you can use your balance earned from previous savings for this), then you use that card to pay for your Walmart purchases.


The best part?

You still earn cash back from Ibotta even when paying with a gift card!

You can use this feature both with in-store and online purchases, so you’re really not limited in any way to how much you can keep on saving.

In fact, Walmart is constantly looking for more ways to help Walmart customers save even more money, especially digitally. [1]

Paying with Walmart E-gift Cards

Here’s how to use this convenient payment method:

  1. Tap ‘pay with Ibotta’ in the app
  2. Choose a store to purchase your gift card (Walmart, for example)
  3. Enter the amount you’d like to purchase for the card (the minimum amount will vary by store)
  4. Use this gift card to pay for your purchase at checkout

You can use this gift card to pay using the Walmart app (or another retailers’ app) or website. [2]

Remember, you’ll also earn cash back on purchases such as this.

Each store has a unique cash back percentage, so it’ll vary depending on where you shop, but you’ll keep that Ibotta balance flush if you play your cards right!

Ibotta Walmart FAQ

Can Ibotta offers be used with Walmart pickup?

Yes, they sure can! You can handle the entire experience right through the app.

Do I have to scan my receipt every time to earn my cash back?

Nope, you sure don’t. You can link your Walmart account to the Ibotta app and it’ll log everything for you.

What if I’m using Ibotta bonuses in conjunction with Walmart deals?

You can use them together! Ibotta bonuses sit in your account as a balance to pull from, and the deals themselves are money off of a specific purchase, so they don’t overlap and you can stack them.


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