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Is Cash App Safe or a Scam? (2022)

Many wonder if Cash App is safe to use.

Yes! It’s completely safe.

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Cash App Safety Features

Cash App uses many safety features throughout all aspects of its service.

Being a popular peer-to-peer payment app, they take their safety aspects very seriously.

In fact, they’re known for having excellent safety & security by users of the app.

Cash App Homepage

Here are a few examples of such safety features:

Fraud protection

When it comes to fraud protection, Cash App makes it easy for you to protect yourself and provide support moving forward.

You can quickly reach support via their website or social media platforms.

There is a ‘Support’ button at the top of their main webpage that will lead you to a great FAQ section for self-help as well as options for reaching their support team (most likely via email, but it depends on their urgency of your particular issue).

Simply go through the steps to describe your concern and they’ll lead you to the best resolution.

Cryptocurrency storage

When it comes to handling your Bitcoin on Cash App, you probably want some assurances that your investment is safe & secure, right?


Thankfully, Cash App stores your Bitcoins in their offline system.

This means that hackers cannot access it anywhere on the web.

Security locking mechanisms

Whenever you’re using an app that stores and handles your money, you want to know it’s secure and that no one else can access your account but you.

Cash App utilizes a variety of different locking mechanisms with their app to verify your identity every time you open it up.

These mechanisms include PIN entry, Face ID and Touch ID, including the standard username & password.

You can set these settings to your personal preference in their settings menu to set the level of security you prefer.

Lost/stolen disabling features

When it comes to controlling your debit card, Cash App makes it easy for you to have the control without needing to contact customer service.

For instance, if you lose your Cash Card (Cash App debit card), you can pause it right in the app!

You can request a new card there as well.

Encrypted certification

Speaking to the safety and security of their app, they use a level-1 PCI-DSS certification.

In laymen terms, this means that users send money back & forth in the form of encrypted messages.

This is a very secure way to send money, and is a great feature for a peer-to-peer payment app such as Cash App.

If you’d like to read more about what you can do with Cash App, check out our guide to what Cash App is all about & how it works.

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