Lyft Promo Codes for Existing Users [Updated 2019]

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Have you been curious about Lyft promo codes for existing users?

You aren’t alone!

Countless others see an advertisement or hear the hype and wonder as well.

💰 3 Quick Steps to Unlock $30 Cash Now


Use the Freebird app to get cash for taking Uber or Lyft rides.

Note: This works for new or existing Lyft and Uber users.


  1. Get the Freebird rides app (No cost, completely free)
    • Download & install the app: GO HERE
    • Login using your Uber or Lyft Account
  2. Enter a promo code into the Freebird app
    1. Go to ☰ menu (top left) then “Promo Codes” to redeem the code
    2. Choose a promo code from the list below
  3. Request your Uber or Lyft rides in the Freebird app


$5 cash back per ride for the first four rides for a total of $20


$4 cash back per ride for the first six rides for a total of $24


$3 cash back per ride for the first ten rides for a total of $30

HOW IT WORKS: You must request the rides in the Freebird app to get the cash. After each ride, you’ll see the cash back in your Freebird account. The cash back can be easily deposited into your debit card. Keep using the Freebird app after the initial promotional rides and Freebird will send you a $5 bonus promo code: ROLL10 after your 10th ride. Promo codes are only good for new users that have not claimed previous Freebird codes.

Want to unlock more cash? Follow the rest of the detailed guide below.

Before Using a Free Lyft Credit

Any coupon code is considered a gift by the person who gets it.

However, some people tend to use them incorrectly and end up getting less than what they should have.

Before Using a Lyft Coupon Code

Here are some things you should know before using your first Lyft promo code.

Lyft Promo Codes for New Users in December 2019

Good news!

If you are reading this article you can use a Lyft free ride code as a new user.

Sadly, there are no promo codes for current customers at the moment.

New user?

Or know someone shopping around for a premium free Lyft ride or at least a way to decrease their fare?

Take a gander at our Lyft promo code guide here for tips, tricks, hacks, and of course plenty of free Lyft codes to go around.

Each of these free Lyft codes is good for up to $50 in ride credit!

Promo CodeCredit AmountExpiration Date
SHYFTOne ride up to $5012/31/2019
ONDEMANDLYOne ride up to $5012/31/2019
HYPEOne ride up to $5012/31/2019
HIPPOOne ride up to $5012/31/2019
TORQUEOne ride up to $5012/31/2019
NEXGENOne ride up to $5012/31/2019
FLOWOne ride up to $5012/31/2019
NEXTOne ride up to $501/30/2019
ONDEMANDOne ride up to $5012/31/2019
SOAROne ride up to $5012/31/2019
HYPOne ride up to $5012/31/2019

The Ultimate Lyft Coupon:  The Pioneer Program

The pioneer program is perhaps the best Lyft promotion code any new user could wish for.

This promotion gives new users a chance to get free rides for an entire two weeks.

The process is nothing rigorous, all you have to do is just download the app and create a free account.

The catch?

You have to be in a selected Pioneer city.

This is offered when the platform enters a new market.

Another good thing about this Lyft promotion code is your friends can tag along for the two weeks.

There is no limit to the number of friends you have, you can enjoy moving around the city with them.

The program is available for a limited time so download the app to enjoy the promo before it ends.[divider]

john-zimmer-lyft-ceoLyft treats people better than competition. So whether that’s drivers or passengers, that goes into the car experience. That’s why more and more people are choosing Lyft.

~ John Zimmer, Lyft President & Co-Founder

After Using a Lyft Code

Most promo codes expire almost immediately after use.

However, you can still get some promotions after using the first of your Lyft coupon codes.

Here are some ways on how to do that.

Uber Promo Codes for Existing Lyft Users in 2019

Heard of Uber?

It’s the biggest rideshare service there is.

Covering over 200 cities in the United States alone, Uber is essentially a Lyft coupon for existing users.

Just download the app and use an Uber promo code to get a free ride.

For more information and Uber free ride hacks, check out our in-depth guide to using an Uber promotion as a new user.

The following promotion codes are verified and updated for [randomtext category=”year”]:

Each is good for $15 off of the cost of your first ride.

Promo CodesCredit AmountTerms
FLY$30 DiscountFirst Ride Only
NEWRIDER25$25 Discount$2.50 off each of your first 10 trips
MGMGRAND2$20 DiscountFirst Ride Only
CIRCUSCIRCUS2$20 DiscountFirst Ride Only
NEWRIDER15$15 Discount$5 off each of your first 3trips

Lyft Coupons for Current Customers with Referrals

Lyft offers current customers a chance to earn free rides through this program.

It even has its own mantra:  give a ride, get a ride.


Lyft Coupons for Existing Users with Referrals

Current users can send Lyft credits to their mobile contacts on the app menu.

You can also share your personal link on social media; Facebook, Twitter or via Email.

The people you invite are supposed to sign up and try the service.

After they complete the process you get a free ride in turn.

Call it a Lyft referral bonus.

You can share this information with as many of your contacts as possible, the more people who get to try it, the more free rides you get.

Sharing Lyft Deals w/ a Friend

Another amazing thing about Lyft is the fact that you can bring your friends along to ride in the same car as you.

This promo is very good as it saves most people the hustle of having to take separate cabs and they can discuss personal or business matters on their way to their destination.

More so, after inviting your friend to ride with you, they can download the app and upon registration, you will get your first ride.

The best part?

This method does not have a time limit, which is one of the chief reasons why more and more people wish to try it.[divider]

Pro Lyft Code Tips for Existing Users

Before diving into a Lyft promo code for existing users, there are some things that you ought to know so as to maximize your credits.

First, the Lyft ride credits are valid for only 30 days, after that they expire.

So make sure you always check the free rides section of the app to see if you have any free rides.

And secondly?

Make sure you keep tabs on new promotions so as not to miss a chance to get a Lyft discount code.

Pro Tips About Lyft Credit Codes for Existing Users

Maximize the Lyft Referral Program

Most people go through their day-to-day lives doing almost the same thing at the same time.

A good example is people who are supposed to get to work by a certain time, say 8:00 A.M.

Whether it’s that or a neighbor you know who heads to Starbucks every Wednesday at the same time as you, share a ride and use the referral program to get Lyft coupons.

There may not be as many people but after sending invites to your family members, friends, acquaintances, and sharing rides, you can maximize on the Lyft referral program by doing the same with friends in other cities when you visit.

The good thing about Lyft?

As long as it is operational in a certain city the promotions are usually all the same.

Referral credits are – in essence – Lyft promo codes for existing users.


You don’t have to enter an actual code because the credit is automatic when the person whom you’ve referred enters your code and takes his or her first ride.

Also, the expiration dates are usually longer.

No wonder the refer-a-friend program is so popular!

💡 Pro Tip

When looking for people to refer, go with family, friends, and co-workers.  These are people most likely to take your advice and assistance, and who value your opinion.

Personalize Your Lyft Referral Code

For most websites or mobile apps with invites, generation is automatic therefore the message and features appear as the same on all devices.

However, you can customize your own referral code to any that suits your liking.

Within reason, of course.

Simply head to the referrals portal located near the top of the screen and create your own code.

More so, you can also follow this link if you have trouble navigating that section,

Note that customizing codes works only for passenger referrals, not driver referrals, which requires your original Lyft code to refer new drivers to the service.

When to Use Lyft Credits as Continuing Customers

Different days have different events and there is no telling what is going to happen when.

As wise as saving up your free rides maybe, you also need to utilize them on the days you need them most.


Since they are valid for usually thirty days, this is ample time for you to see when you can fit them in your schedule.

Maybe there is a day that requires you to make several trips across or around the city.

You can claim most of your free rides on that day and end up saving a lot instead of using them when you can cover the fare.

Additionally, you never know when emergencies strike so make sure you reserve a free ride or two but be cautious of its expiration date.[divider]

Lyft Promo Codes for Existing Users Q&A

Whether you’re wondering about Lyft codes for new users, the differences between the Lyft and Uber promo code for existing users in 2017, or other common rideshare questions, we’ve got answers here for you.

You’re probably not alone.

Lyft Promo Codes for Existing Users Q&A

Someone else has probably asked those same questions in which you’re thinking.

So here are a few, all in one place.

How do I get Lyft credits?

Using a Lyft credit is an easy 30-second task.

Try this:

  • Download the Lyft app (available for iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone)
  • Create an account, log in, and click ‘Settings’ on the left-hand side.
  • Type RYDER in the field ‘Add Promo Code,’ and tap ‘Apply.’

Is the Lyft promo for 10 free rides, 50 free rides, or for $50?

There are a lot of mixed rumors as far as this illustrious voucher is concerned.  The reason is that Lyft credit codes vary by city, so there may be different ones in different areas of the country.  The most common one is a free Lyft code for $50 that can be used over the course of several rides.  Usually, the promo code will work wherever you are, but it’ll provide a different discount based on your location.

Is my first Uber ride free?

There are various Uber codes for new users, which offer a first $15 ride credit.  Use Uber promo code RIDESHARE to receive this credit, and this page will be kept updated with any new offers as they are released.  Take notice and remember, though, these credits are valid only for your first ride.

How do I use my Lyft credit?

Be sure to enter your Lyft discount before your first ride.  Simply download the Lyft app and navigate to the ‘Payment’ section.  Enter promo code RYDER in the ‘Add Promo Code’ box, and tap ‘Apply.’

I’m getting an error message.  What does it mean?

The most common error message that current customers experience is something along the lines of ‘another promotion has already been applied.’  This refers to the fact that Lyft promo codes are for new users only.  If you’ve already used one on your account, you may not use another.  Other errors include those for expired free Lyft credit or location-specific promotions.  For more detailed help dealing with error messages, check out this help page.