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Yes, Postmates Promo Codes for Existing Users Work! (2022)

Currently, Postmates doesn’t offer promo codes for existing users, we recommend trying another delivery app service such as DoorDash, and you’ll get a $30 credit to start your first order below.

If you’re looking for Postmates promo codes for existing users, we’ve got the lowdown on how to save money in a big way.

There are SO many great ways to save money with a promo code for Postmates.

💰 Get $30 Off DoorDash Now​
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How It Works:  Use the DoorDash app to order food and get $30 in food credit. This is the best deal you can get on a food delivery app. 

DETAILS$10 off your first 3 orders. Min order $15. New customers only.

In fact, we’ve got the 4-1-1 on the following epic deals:

  • Get $30 in DoorDash delivery credit (new customers only) GO HERE
  • 25% off your first order
  • $7 off your first order
  • Free delivery for the first 30 days
  • $4 cash back on your first order
  • Free delivery & 5% off all orders

Scroll through this post for a deeper dive into how current customers can save on all future orders.

*If you are a new user looking for a promotion to get started, take a look at our guide to Promo Codes for Postmates.

Method #1:  Use These Promo Codes

DoorDash Promo Code Alternative

There are a lot of similar delivery services.

All of them usually have coupon codes for new users to get a delivery credit or get free/discounted food on your first delivery, so they’re most definitely worth checking out to save money.

There are also alternatives if you’re looking more towards the grocery delivery route, which Postmates does offer.

[elementor-template id=”3523″]

Services such as Instacart, Thrive Market, Butcher Box, and more are available in those areas.

Again, most of these services offer delivery incentives for newbies, so check them out!

It’s a great way to save for Postmates existing users, especially since these apps are usually pretty similar.

Even if you don’t end up sticking with it because you prefer Postmates more, you’ll still save a pretty penny on that first order with a discount and end up ahead overall.

DoorDash Promo Code:  Free Delivery for 30 Days

DoorDash is so confident you’ll love their service, they’re offering for you to try it without paying for delivery at all for 30 full days.

That’s free delivery for a month!

This is a seriously great deal.  Especially if you order often, you could majorly save money in lieu of waiting around for a current customer coupon.

Looking for a Uber Eats Promo Code?
Use Code: EATS-UBERVIP3 for $20 Off Your Uber Eats Order

Simply use the code shown in the section above to initiate the process and receive free delivery for 30 days with DoorDash.

GrubHub Promo Code:  2 Epic Deals to Choose From

GrubHub actually has 2 great promo codes for new users to choose from, and they’ll both save you a pretty penny.

The deals include:

Either one of these coupon codes will give you a good chunk of savings on your initial order, but it would be smart to figure out what you’re going to order first and try both to see which one will save you more money.

Postmates Promo Codes for Existing Users April 2024

Here is a list of the current existing user coupons below.

Promo CodesDiscount OffersTerms
TIME4FOOD$3 Off Any OrderMinimum Purchase $15; Valid for Select Existing Users
FORBES5$5 Off First 5 OrdersMinimum Purchase $15
FOODMATES$10 Off First OrderNo Minimum Purchase
MYFAVMEALFree DeliveryMinimum Purchase $10; Maximum Credit $5.99

Method #2:  Set Up These Apps for Double Rewards

If you’re smart about your setup, you can earn rewards, save money with discounts, and/or cash back with every single order you place with a food delivery app (or any shopping app actually).

There are several apps that work well with food delivery to rack up rewards on your account.

The more you purchase, the more you save is usually how it works.

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These are great coupon options for Postmates existing users because you’ll keep on saving every time you order.

What’s even better is that there are numerous apps like this out there, many of them with special deals for use alongside apps such as Postmates, DoorDash, GrubHub, and Uber Eats.

Here are some of our top choices and what they can do for you.

Postmates + Drop App

The Drop app makes a great partner to the Postmates service, with a points system that rewards every purchase without dealing with any promo codes (great for regular users).

Basically, you earn points for every dollar you spend.

Rack up points and use them like cash.

Points accrue automatically, and the setup is simple and painless.

Our promotion when you combine Drop and Postmates earns you 100 Drop points per $1 spent, and that works for new or existing users!

Get a discount on every Postmates order with Drop.

Scroll up near the top of this post to see how to activate this awesome offer and save money.

DoorDash + Ibotta

If you decide to branch out to try other food delivery apps, you should consider downloading the Ibotta app and connecting it to your DoorDash account.

Even if you primarily use Postmates, when you do order from DoorDash, you’ll automatically earn rewards.

There is no upkeep or anything, just simply set it and forget it; your cash back will automatically be earned every time you order and no promo codes to manage.

The combination deal mentioned here involves earning an additional $4 cash back on top of the normal amount on your first order.

They often also offer welcome bonuses (for new Ibotta users; existing DoorDash users are welcome), so you could be in for an additional $20 as well.

Get this Ibotta DoorDash deal here.

**Pro Tip:  If you’re trying to keep your exposure to a minimum during the COVID-19 pandemic, but occasionally want to get takeout, use a food delivery service!  All of the top apps offer no-contact deliveries to make the experience as safe as possible.  Postmates has been taking the pandemic very seriously, even offering additional assistance to both its couriers and its merchants during this time. [1]

Method #3:  Get Free Delivery with Postmates Unlimited

What is free delivery with Unlimited?

This is a subscription program for frequent customers (hey there, existing users!) that applies a discount with every order.

Delivery fees are a thing of the past with your Postmates Unlimited membership, and without having to enter any promo codes.

There are many other perks too, including:

  • Free delivery on all orders over $15
  • No small cart fees (typically for orders under $12)
  • No Blitz pricing (peak hours when demand is high)
  • Deliveries in under 30 minutes

Membership runs either $9.99/mo or $99.99/yr, and you can try a free trial to see if it’s for you before throwing down the cash.

Is it worth it?  [2]

With the small cost, this program pays for itself if you place 2-3 orders per month or more.

This is the ultimate savings option for existing users to grab Postmates coupons out there.

Method #4:  Do These Simple Things for More Discounts

Looking for even more hacks for existing users to save money on your food delivery habit?

There are even more ways to save even without a Postmates promo code!

Postmates Party Saves Money

Between free delivery as a driver to ‘order pooling’ to choosing pickup instead, there are a variety of options to partake in the convenience of this on-demand food app without breaking the bank.

Here are a few ideas.

Choose Pickup to Slash Fees

If you’ve really got your heart set on saving time placing an order but don’t absolutely need delivery, you can choose the pickup option instead.

Even without a free delivery promo, obviously, if you’re not getting a delivery, there won’t be a fee.

This one is a great deal for when you’re really in a pinch and want to save some dough, but have a few extra minutes to run to do the pickup yourself.

And it’s a great solution to fewer fees for existing customers wanting to save a little money.

Join a Postmates Party to Share Costs

When you’re ordering delivery, take a look at the Party option.

This is similar to rideshare companies’ carpooling options.

Basically, you order alongside others in your area also ordering delivery. They’ll all be delivered with the same courier one right after another, and you’ll all share in the delivery cost.  [3]

You can combine this with a free delivery promo if you’d like, but it’s really a great option when you no longer have a Postmates promo code handy and want to lower your cost.

Both new and existing users can take advantage of this awesome option at any time.

Take Advantage of Postmates Driver Perks

Do drivers get a discount?


If you’re looking to really maximize your savings AND earn a little bit of money on the side, becoming a Postmates driver is the perfect solution.

Drivers who complete a mere 25 deliveries per month qualify for a free Unlimited subscription.

As discussed above, this includes free delivery on all orders.

It’s a great deal!

Join the Postmates Email List

As a regular user, it’s a good idea to sign up for their email list.

They don’t send a bunch of spam as some other services do, and you gain access to exclusive deals they may send out occasionally.

An email deal may include a Postmates coupon code for delivery fee credits or even free delivery, money off an order, free items, etc.

All for a simple signup.

Definitely worth it, especially for existing users who rarely get these exclusive discounts anymore.

*Pro Tip:  If you love on-demand services, check out our Facebook page!  It’s chock full of everything on-demand, from information about new apps to try, answers to common questions, access to promotions, and more.

Grab Some Restaurant-Specific Discounts

Postmates Promotional Partners Shake Shack

This one is definitely an easy one 🙂

If you’re not a new user and therefore can’t use a Postmates coupon, you can find deals when you look through the available restaurants right in the app.

Restaurants will oftentimes offer specific discounts for ordering from their establishment.

These promos are nice because they aren’t run directly through Postmates, so there are more options.

Quite often you can receive free delivery with a restaurant promotion.

You could essentially get a discount quite often by switching up where you order from.

How do you get these savings?

You can see any deals available when looking through available restaurants in the app. Any specials will usually be highlighted or displayed in some way.

Save With These Partnerships

Posmates is known for partnering with a lot of local, independent restaurants and smaller chains.

Make sure you check some of them out!

Examples of some restaurant partners include:

  • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
  • Burger King
  • Jamba
  • Denny’s
  • Carl’s Jr.
  • Subway
  • Tacos El Unico
  • Tender Greens

Method #5:  Sharing is Caring

How does the Postmates referral code work? [4]

It’s a standard refer-a-friend program providing both the person doing the referring and the person receiving the referral a bonus for bringing in a new customer.

Postmates Referral Program

Postmates’ offer is a great one when it comes to referral bonuses.

Tell me more!

They’re offering a $100 delivery fee credit for both the referrer and the referee 🙂

That’s a hefty amount of free delivery potential for simply sharing the word about an app you love anyways.

This credit is good for 7 days just like the initial Postmates promo code.


There’s no limit. You can invite as many people as you’d like and earn credit for every one of them.

Just make sure that they enter your referral code into their app so you both get the discount, and you’re good to go.

Postmates Promo Code Reddit

Have you heard of Postmates promo codes being posted on the social media site Reddit for existing users?

This is true, however, these promos aren’t what they seem.

While the codes being posted are valid for free delivery, these promotions are only meant for new customers, not current ones.

These are actually people posting their personal referral codes to make sure to earn a free delivery deal themselves.

While there isn’t anything wrong with this strategy, it’s good to know ahead of time that a free delivery code such as this won’t work for someone who has used the app before already.

FAQs for Current Postmates Customers

When it comes to food delivery apps, there are always questions, especially with Postmates coupons, when there are so many variables.

You’ve got ’em, and so do others.

So we’ve compiled a list of ones we see often in hopes that we can help you get answers to what you need to know.

If you require further assistance or information, check out any of the individual service’s websites for more in-depth customer FAQ sections and other support options.

You can also check them out on social media or take a peek at our Facebook page for everything related to on-demand services.

Can I combine Postmates promo codes together?

A Postmates promotion may be combined with a restaurant-specific type of savings or a Party discount, but you cannot combine two coupons to double-down. This includes referral codes, which you are able to stack up in your account for later use.

How do I find my Postmates referral code?

If you’re referring someone to try the service and you’re looking for your invite code to earn a free delivery credit, it’s easy! Simply tap your menu on the upper lefthand corner. You’ll see an option called ‘Invite Friends.’ Choose that and send your link to anyone who might appreciate a $100 free delivery promotion. Voila! Done.

How does Postmates $100 credit work?

The Postmates promo code for free delivery is basically a credit that sits on your account, providing your orders with free delivery until it’s used up or until it expires. It’s good for 7 days, so every single time you order after entering the promo code, the delivery fee will come off of that balance before your payment method on file is charged.

Resources About Postmates Promo Codes for Existing Users

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