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Postmates Review: What Keeps Customers Excited

Here is a Postmates review from top to bottom.

We’ll tell you what to expect from their app, delivery service, cost, promotions, etc.

What do people have to say about the service from a customer’s perspective?

You’re in the right place! Read on to find out.

Review of Postmates Delivery Process

In today’s age of having everything at our fingertips, checking for a review before trying a product or service is incredibly common.

Especially when trying out a new food delivery service, customer reviews are a great way to gain an idea of what to expect.

What could you expect to see in a Postmates customer review?

That’s why we’re here.

We’ll discuss what people have to say about the app, the delivery itself, overall cost, and how they stack up in comparison to other similar apps.

Postmates App Review

Postmates App Review

How does the Postmates app perform for customers?

When people are hungry, features such as quick order time, simple user interface, and easy-to-find options are very important.

Thankfully, Postmates customer reviews of their app typically mention that these items are favorable.

You start by simply choosing which method you’d like to use:

  • Delivery
  • Pickup
  • Party

You can scroll through your options from there or apply filters if you’re craving something specific.

From there, it’s just a few taps of the screen to place your order.

Other features within the app are also easy to use, making the entire user experience a pleasant one, in most cases.

The Postmates app offers features such as:

  • Delivery estimate at checkout
  • Able to order alcohol
  • Ability to connect with your courier if needed
  • Orders from any place of business, not just a meal; you can order groceries and other items too
  • Use Postmates Party with others ordering from the same restaurant for free delivery

There are many other positive features to the app, of course. These are just some of the highlights.

We’d definitely suggest taking it for a spin yourself to see what all the fuss is about.

Postmates Service Review: The Delivery

When it comes to Postmates reviews, quite a few of them tend to focus on the delivery experience itself.

This is one of the most important aspects to get right for a food delivery company because it’s also the point during the entire process that mistakes can happen more easily.

What do people have to say about Postmates deliveries?

As is the case with most food delivery apps, there are both strong and weak points.

Overall, they boast a 4.8 rating out of 1.2 million reviews on the app store.

Of these reviews, it’s noteworthy that many of their formerly negative reviews have been updated & modified to more positive ones because of the great response by the company themselves.

Their strengths & weaknesses echo those of many other food delivery services, with complaints centering around delivery issues such as late deliveries & missing items, and glowing reviews typically mentioning their fantastic customer service.

Is it worth trying?

In our opinion, absolutely.

With overall positive customer reviews, support available 24/7, more delivery options than any other service, and a very user-friendly app, it’s worth it for sure.

Postmates User Reviews of Price & Overall Cost

Postmates Promotions

Customer Promotions

Any discussion of Postmates customer reviews would be remiss if it didn’t mention their promotions.

There are many ways to get yourself on the receiving end of a good promotional deal.

This makes for happy reviews and returning customers.

If you’d like to go more in-depth regarding promotions available to new users, check out our Postmates promo code guide.

Examples of common deals/perks include:

  • New user promo code (currently offering $100 delivery credit)
  • Merchant discounts with partner restaurants
  • Postmates Unlimited free delivery & other perks
  • Mailing list promotions

Reviews specifically in regards to order discounts and such are quite positive.

Especially noteworthy is the Unlimited program, which offers quite a few regular perks in addition to the free delivery.

Whether you’re looking at reviews because you’re thinking of ordering, or you’ve ordered before and you’re considering becoming a member to order more often, it’s worth a try to use one of their popular discounts to see what you might be missing.

The Tipping Process

What should you expect in terms of gratuity when ordering from Postmates?

As with most food-centered services, gratuity is expected and appreciated, however not required.

Customers in general do seem happy with the flexibility that the app offers in terms of offering a tip to your courier.

This is good for all parties involved, including you.

Flexibility is something that pops up in many reviews, and this is no exception.

The app actually prompts you to add a tip when you open it after your order has been delivered, which is a nice reminder.

They also have presets that make it as easy as possible to choose a certain amount or percentage, or you can enter your own amount manually.

A review of Postmates in terms of tipping ability is most often quite high for these reasons.

Postmates Unlimited Review

Postmates Unlimited

What do returning customers have to say about their membership program Postmates Unlimited?

A lot of people who use multiple food delivery apps actually say that this one offers the best deals; there are a lot of positive sentiments.

The program offers the following benefits:

  • Free delivery (order minimum $12)
  • No blitz pricing during peak hours (usually lunch & dinner)
  • Special member offers
  • Giveaways & events exclusive to members

If you order a lot of delivery food, and you’re looking at reviews trying to determine if Postmates would be a good fit, this program is definitely a highlight.

Postmates Compared to Other Food Delivery Services

How are Postmates user reviews in comparison to other similar food delivery services?

They’re pretty similar, actually.

The thing with food delivery apps is that they tend to have a lot of the same pros & cons.

Delivery issues are pretty much the subject matter for most negative reviews on any of the top platforms.

Good prices, customer support, and delivery times tend to garner the attention of positive ones.

If you’re strictly looking to compare services based on reviews, you’ll find many similarities.

If you’d like to see a side-by-side comparison of a couple of the top food delivery apps out there, check out our Postmates vs DoorDash comparison post.

Postmates Reviews: FAQs

Is it safe to order from Postmates?

Yes, it is absolutely safe. Postmates, along with most (if not all) food delivery companies now offer an option for a no-contact delivery to be made. This keeps both you and your courier safe.