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What is the modern version of Rideshare?

In its most basic form, ridesharing is the sharing of vehicles by passengers.  

Benefits of this type of sharing include reduction of vehicle trips, gas emissions, and of course traffic.  

Basically, we’re talking about carpooling.  

Uber drivers have become a very solid way to make additional income for someone looking for a part-time or full-time driving job.  

Lyft has become popular with rideshare drivers because of the ability to receive tips.

How does Uber and Lyft Work?

Most people have heard of Uber and/or Lyft.  But what is it that they really do?

How do they work?

Uber and Lyft – and other rideshare companies – use online-enabled platforms.  

Rideshare Apps

These platforms connect passengers with drivers who use their personal vehicles.  

Lyft offers a new user promo code for a free ride to try out the service.  

Lyft also offers existing user promotions to grab a ride at no charge.

Uber is another option that is considered the more popular of the two in terms of the customer base.

Using rideshare at the airport has become commonplace in our society due to its convenience and ease of use.  

Many people have switched from past public transportation options in favor of rideshare apps.

Cost and Convenience of Rideshare Apps

You don’t have to figure out where to park, worry about the timing or pay for parking.  Traffic, same deal.  

You don’t have to exercise your road rage or worry about an accident.  

Lyft and Uber

As far as cost, it really isn’t much more expensive than the equivalent cost of gas and car maintenance.  

Overall, ridesharing can be a pretty beautiful thing.  Take a peek throughout the rest of our site for tips, tricks, and FAQs regarding ridesharing.

 Driving for Lyft has its perks with the ability to receive tips while driving for Uber has other benefits.

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