Schedule a Lyft Ride

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A new feature to roll out to the Lyft app recently is scheduled pick-ups.

Many people have been clamoring for a scheduled ride option with rideshare companies.

Let’s say you have a planned trip to out of town and you plan on flying out via airplane.

The hassle of driving to the airport, parking your vehicle for an extended period of time and then hauling your luggage to your terminal are all solved by this new service.

The new option allows passengers to schedule a pick-up 7 days in advance.

With this feature, you will have a 10-minute arrival window at your desired location.

Now available in San Francisco, Washington D.C., Miami, Portland, Chicago, Denver, San Diego, Seattle, Sacramento, and Phoenix.

Scheduled Ride Cancellations

No need to worry about the driver not showing up because Lyft will  send a new driver on time if the originally assigned driver cannot make it.

Also, if you need to cancel you schedule ride you may do so without a cancellation fee up to 30 mins prior to your pick up.

If you still wish to cancel within the 30-minute pick-up window you will be charged $10.

Price Locked for Primetime Fees

Another interesting fact with this new services is prime time prices are automatically calculated when you book the ride.

This means that you will not be charged more if the primetime rate goes up on the day of pick up.

It’s really nice to know upfront what your charge will be with no hidden costs or surprise upcharges.

How to Schedule a Lyft Ride

Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to schedule your own Lyft ride in advance.

  1. Set you pickup and destination location in the app
  2. Next, press the “Request Lyft” button
  3. Now tap the clock icon on the bottom-right of the screen
  4. Select the time and date then select “Set pickup time”
  5. Finally press “Schedule Lyft” to complete

Sit back and relax knowing your transportation needs are in good hands with Lyft scheduled rides.

Source: Can I schedule a Lyft ride in Advance?