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Uber Eats Review: Why People Are So Happy

This is an Uber Eats review that summarizes what customers are saying about the popular food delivery service.

It’ll also give you an idea of what to expect when you order, and resources to save you some money if you decide you need some regular food delivery in your life.

Uber Eats is one of the leaders in this market for a reason.

Take a read through to find out why.

Reviews on Uber Eats Ordering Process

What does an honest Uber Eats review of their ordering process look like?

Is it positive?

Overall, yes, customers have good things to say about their delivery services.

Of course, there are issues that do arise now and again.

The issues that do come up, though, are the same ones experienced by other food delivery apps as well.

Examples include late deliveries, incorrect deliveries, miscommunication between the customer and the delivery driver, customer service issues, etc.

If you’d like to check out a direct compare/contrast, check out our GrubHub vs Uber Eats comparison post for a deep dive into pros and cons of each.

These are common problems whenever you order food to be delivered.

For the most part, though, Uber Eats prides itself on being able to hold its own against its competitors when it comes to its app, delivery skills, pricing, promotions, and more.

Uber Eats Review:  The App

Uber Eats App Review - Mobile View

What should an Uber Eats food delivery review indicate as far as the app itself is concerned?

Well, just like Uber’s rideshare app, they’ve built it around the idea of being very user-friendly, with many options but presented in a way that still makes the ordering process simple & quick.

Notable features include :

  • Ability to search for specific restaurants, types of cuisine, or distance (many filtering options)
  • Organize results by price
  • Easy tipping feature/prompt after delivery. Some apps offer it when placing the order, which is typically not what people, in general, want as the service hasn’t been provided yet at that point.
  • Ability to track your driver through the app
  • Simple ways to contact customer support right through the app

It’s clear that Uber is serving up more of what people want out of a food delivery app.

The reviews speak for themselves with glowing accounts of how simple it is to use while still offering a wealth of options for customers to tinker with.

Uber Eats Delivery Review

When it comes to food delivery, one of the most important questions to ask is…how does the actual delivery perform?

In general with food delivery apps, the delivery itself is where mistakes tend to happen.

This is of the utmost importance to get right.

Among various reviews of the top apps out there, customers report overall that Uber Eats tends to have shorter delivery times.

Their delivery times tend to be closer to the estimate, as well.

These are huge factors to consider when ordering food.

When you’re already hungry, you don’t want issues, that’s for sure.

Pricing & Costs to Expect

When discussing customers and prices, lower doesn’t always mean better, but the value should be there for sure.

So how do Uber Eats reviews stack up in this regard?

Actually, their prices tend to be less than competitors in many markets.

Their delivery fee tends to be overall smaller, and they run regular promotions.

Also be on the lookout for special deals with partner restaurants, which are common.

Uber Eats Promotions

Promotions are a great way to get customers to check out any new service, but especially one that delivers food.

And who doesn’t love a good deal?

Uber Eats does run some promotions, although they aren’t as prominent as is the case with some competitors.

That being said, their membership program, Eats Pass, is the best out there for discounts.

They also run regular deals with partner restaurants.

Keeping an eye on their social media accounts may also sometimes lead to a flash deal there.

For a full account of promotions available to new users, check out our Uber Eats promo code guide.

Tipping on Uber Eats

What should a customer expect as far as the tipping system when ordering with Uber Eats?

As with most food delivery apps, tipping is appreciated, although not required.

Service industry standards typically dictate a standard 15% gratuity with food deliveries, and that’s typically what to expect with this type of order unless the service was far above or below expectations.

So how do you leave a tip?

Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about how to actually process the tip; they’ve made it easy for you.

After your order has been delivered, the app will prompt you to add gratuity after you’ve rated your driver.

No need to remember or figure out cash.

They’ve got simple presets that you can tap, making the entire process extremely quick and easy.

Alternatively, you can choose your own amount to enter manually, which only takes a few more taps of your screen.

This simple tipping system has been touted by customers and drivers alike due to its user-friendliness, making the entire process more enjoyable for all parties involved.

Regular Uber Eats Benefits: Eats Pass

Eats Pass Benefits Review - food

What do regular users think about Eats Pass?

Is it worth it?

There are a lot of positive reviews regarding Uber’s new subscription program.

With a lot of benefits and a low monthly cost, it stands out as one of the better membership models out there, even among the other top food delivery apps.

With a cost of only $9.99 monthly, the Uber Eats benefits are great.

These perks include free delivery on all orders over $15 and a 5% discount on all orders (either delivery or pickup).

That’s a crazy deal!

Uber Eats Compared to Similar Food Delivery Apps

How does a review of Uber Eats stack up against their top competitors?

While some of their competitors – such as DoorDash and GrubHub – are larger in size, Uber Eats has many advantages.

Many Uber Eats reviews mention high points such as the following:

  1. They were one of the first food delivery companies to put themselves out there, so they’ve got experience on their side.
  2. Their membership program, Eats Pass, is the best out there with bigger discounts than others.
  3. Their delivery times are typically less than competitors’, with fewer mistakes.
  4. Their prices tend to lean on the less expensive side when compared with others due to lower delivery fees.
  5. They offer a ton of customer support options, including email, in-app chat, phone, contact form, and a deep FAQ section.

Of course, there are some negative reviews, as is the case with any service-related app.

But a great many Uber Eats reviews are positive, and these are the common reasons listed.

Uber Eats Customer Review FAQ

Can I trust Uber Eats? Are they safe to use during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Yes, it is safe to order Uber Eats during this time. We’d recommend arranging a no-contact delivery, which is common and easily accommodated with any of your orders.

Is Uber Eats good for restaurants? Or is it better to order directly?

Yes, Uber Eats (and competitors) is good for restaurants. Running a dedicated delivery service as an independently owned establishment is expensive, and requires additional permits and fees than a lot of restaurants can reasonably afford. Even with the merchant fees assessed by Uber Eats, the cost savings is worth it.