uber promo codes for existing users 2020 guide

Uber Promo Codes For Existing Users 2020 Guide

No luck finding Uber promo codes for existing users?

We hear you! It’s a struggle to find these elusive codes.

But, it gets better.

We’ve got some exclusive codes that actually work for existing riders.

TLDR; Watch the Video Below for Proof this Works!

Grab the Freebird rides app and save money on every Uber or Lyft ride! Use promo code “GEM” to get up to $10 in cash back for taking Uber or Lyft rides.

Uber started and still runs one of the biggest revolutions in the transport sector.

The new guys on the block, an app called Freebird, is changing the way we save money on rideshare.

Whether you ride with Uber, Lyft, or switch between the two, you can save some serious dough without any extra effort.

💰 Quickly Unlock $10 Cash Now

Freebird Promo Codes & Free Ride 2020 Guide

HOW: Use the Freebird app to get cash for every Uber or Lyft ride you take.

WHY: This is the only way to get a discount code for new or existing users.

1. Copy the Freebird promo code

$5 cashback per ride for the first two rides

2. Enter the code into the Freebird app

3. Request an Uber or Lyft ride in the Freebird app

TERMS: This works for new or existing Lyft and Uber users.

New and existing users are welcome, so keep reading for the lowdown on how to get in on these savings.

This industry achievement can be accredited to Uber just as much as it should be to its pushing of technology.

However, it is Uber promotion codes that give them the edge over their competitors.

Here is an in-depth view of premium free Uber codes.

So stop shopping around a take a look at how to decrease your spending on rideshare.

Uber Codes for Existing Users

At the moment, it’s very difficult to find Uber promo codes for existing users.

Code for Existing Uber Users

However, you can get an Uber coupon code and a free ride certificate sometimes on national and global holidays.

If you use Uber codes for existing users then you can occasionally save money with these special offers.

Uber Promo Codes for New Users in 2020

New riders can benefit a lot from a free Uber code.

For example, if you are reading this article and you have never used this service before, then take notice.

It is your lucky day.

With the new user promo code, now you can get your first Uber ride for free.

The following promotion codes are verified and updated for 2020.

Each is valid for $10 off your first two rides!

Promo CodesCredit AmountTerms
FLY$30 DiscountFirst Ride Only
NEWRIDER25$25 Discount$2.50 off each of your first 10 trips
MGMGRAND2$20 DiscountFirst Ride Only
CIRCUSCIRCUS2$20 DiscountFirst Ride Only
NEWRIDER15$15 Discount$5 off each of your first 3trips

Pro Tip

Never used the Uber app before?  Get the Freebird app and save money on every ride!  Use promo code “GEM” to get up to $10 in cash back for taking Uber or Lyft rides.

Lyft Promo Codes for Existing Uber Users in 2020

Since its launch in San Francisco in 2012, Lyft has steadily grown in resource and value.

Currently valued at $5.5 billion and operating in over 200 cities in the U.S alone, Lyft is rivaled only by Uber.

The main reason the two companies can be competitors is perhaps found in the essence of Lyft.

Lyft essentially offers rides via a connection.

It offers rides for passengers who want to ride with one driver.

Good news!

If you are an existing Uber user, you can download the Lyft app and get your first ride for free.

These are, essentially, Uber promo codes for existing users.

These codes are good for up to $50 Lyft credit and are all verified to be working for 2020.

Promo CodeCredit AmountExpiration Date
SHYFTOne ride up to $5012/31/2020
ONDEMANDLYOne ride up to $5012/31/2020
HYPEOne ride up to $5012/31/2020
HIPPOOne ride up to $5012/31/2020
TORQUEOne ride up to $5012/31/2020
NEXGENOne ride up to $5012/31/2020
FLOWOne ride up to $5012/31/2020
NEXTOne ride up to $5012/30/2020
ONDEMANDOne ride up to $5012/31/2020
SOAROne ride up to $5012/31/2020
HYPOne ride up to $5012/31/2020

Uber Promo Code Not First Ride

An Uber coupon does not only appear during holidays and on your first ride.

Promo codes are not always available for present users but the more rides you take, the more familiar you will get with understanding their fares and promotions.

Tell me more!

Uber Promo Code Not First Ride 2020

These are not only promotions but also a chance for an existing user to save money.

Additionally, you can refer a friend and they will get a free ride.

You will have a chance to save money on the next ride since the referral earns you a ride credit too!

Uber promo codes for existing users are available by utilizing our strategies outlined.

Uber Coupons Via Referrals

To get these coupons for free rides, pitch an invite to your friends to sign up and ride.

However, they have to sign up and accept your invite.

This is the creme de la creme when it comes to Uber deals.

You can tell a few and get a buildup going of free Uber!

Current Uber Discount

At the moment, current customers can enjoy free rides after inviting new riders.

After all, word of mouth is the best kind of advertisement.

This is really the only method of gaining Uber promo codes for existing users.

It’s a good one, though!

Needless to say, new users also get their first free ride.

Everyone is a winner.

The process is recurring so both new and returning users get to enjoy an Uber free ride.

Where is the Uber Invite Code?

The Uber invite code is located on the free rides section if the app menu.

You can share this code with a personal connection as long as you own the primary content.

Social media, for instance.

However, be careful not to share it publicly or promote it via search engines.

Can I Change My Uber Referral Code?

Every invite is generated automatically.

However, you can customize yours to suit your own liking.

Pick something unique!

Simply sign in then select profile on the App menu then tap customize in the invite code section and create the code that pleases you then tap claim.

A suffix is added to keep it distinctive and safe.

For more detailed instructions on how to customize your Uber invite code, check out this help page for more assistance.

Help a Friend Get a Free Ride Code

As an existing rider, your friends can enjoy a promo code for Uber just as much as you can.

Firstly, help your friend download the app and sign in then send them an invite.

Share the joy of a free ride!

Your friend automatically gets a ride credit and can get more after recommending other friends.

Secondly, you can invite your friends to ride with you in one car thereby giving them a ride in the process.

There is no limit to the number of friends you can have in a single ride.

Free Uber Ride Tips for Current Customers

Apart from promotions, new users can save money by mapping out the best routes to get to the destinations they need to.

This feat is achieved by looking at the app for the best routes before requesting a ride.

codes for current uber customers

Also, the choice of the car you ride in matters a lot.

Choose a car that will allow you to save.

Still looking for an Uber free ride hack?

Keep reading!

Free Uber Rides with Capital One

Are you a Capital One cardholder?

You may be in luck!

$15 in Uber credit is being awarded to all riders who successfully pay for nine rides with either the Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card or the Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card.

This Uber code for new and current customers was as of November 2, 2016.

Just set it up as your default payment method, and…

…Start saving!

Uber Promotions with Amex

More of an American Express kind of person?

You’re in luck as well.

If you have an eligible American Express card, then this partnership with Amex is just for you.

Simply enroll the card and you will be able to get two points off every ride you take.

Additionally, you can also redeem your points for rides.

Uber Coupons for Existing Users FAQ

When it comes to free Uber codes for current customers, people tend to have a lot of the same questions.

So here are some examples.

Hopefully, you find answers to your questions, and maybe even learn a little extra while you’re at it.

What is the best Uber promo code for existing users?

Uber promotions for existing are discounts on rides by entering a code into the Uber app. These codes are only available in this post and grant you a discount on every ride.

How do I get a promo code for Uber?

There are many websites providing promo codes for Uber. You may want to check out the official site. Additionally, there are more ways to get a discounted Uber ride for existing users inside our article.

Does Uber have promo codes for existing users?

Codes that come directly from Uber do not work for existing users. However, there are ways that existing users can save money on every ride by using the step-by-step instructions in this helpful guide.

Where can you redeem promo codes?

First, select 'Payment' from the Uber app menu. Next, scroll down to the Promotions section. Tap Add Promo Code/Gift Code. Enter the code and tap ADD. You may find more information about how to apply a promo here.

What does the Uber ‘another promotion was already applied’ message mean?

This free Uber code voucher that most people try to use is for new users only.  This error message means that a new user Uber discount code has already been used with this account.

What is the difference between Uber and Lyft and their promotions?

Uber is thought of as more formal, whereas Lyft attempts to shake things up to be ‘your friend with a car.’  Lyft continues to build hype by providing current promotions that give away millions of dollars to gain new followers in hopes of earning enough publicity to compete with Uber.  For free ride credit, use Lyft credit code RYDER to gain up to $50 in credits.

Why do Uber codes offer various ride credit amounts?

The credit amount may vary depending on the city in which you are redeeming your free ride.  During the sign-up process, you are asked to enter your address along with your account information.  This information helps determine the credit amount that is assigned when you enter your coupon code.

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