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Cash App Request Money Guide: Make & Decline (2022)

Trying to figure out how to request money on Cash App?

We’re here to help!

In this article, we will show you:

Setting up your Cash App is quick and easy.

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You can send money to friends, family, or anyone with a U.S. bank account!

If you’re using Cash App, it’s also easy to request money from your friends.

Request Money With Cash App

Cash App is a mobile app that allows you to request money from your friends or family members, and withdraw cash at any US bank!

cash app request money guide

Steps to Make A Money Request

  1. Tap ‘Request’ on the Cash App home screen, then enter an amount.
  2. A pop up will appear with contact information for anyone who has Cash App (including yourself!). You can also select how quickly they should receive the funds — within minutes or in one day.
  3. Tap “Accept” on their phone’s notification if they accept before tapping on “Confirm.” The transaction is now complete!

Note: The transaction is now complete! If not accepted within 30 seconds of them accepting, it won’t go through so make sure to confirm as soon as possible after someone accepts your request!

Once complete, both of you will need to verify the Cash App request by entering your Cash Card pin and typing “yes” into the prompt.

You can then cash out into a different account or use your Cash Card for purchase(s).

How to Decline A Request

If one of you declines, that person will never be able to initiate a Cash Request from their Cash App again.

The recipient can also decline if they do not want to accept this particular amount for any reason.

If so, both parties will receive notification through the app about what happened with no further action needed!

However, if you ever receive a request for money from someone you do not know always ignore or decline the request and follow these safety tips to avoid scams.

If you want to control who can send you a request you can do so by taking a look at these instructions. [1]

You’ll be able to remove requests from specific people and stop any unwanted Cash App money requests from coming in.

Is it Safe to Request Money With Cash App?

Request money cash app

Cash requests are securely transferred using bank-level security.”

This means all transactions on Cash are backed up by 256-bit encryption in compliance with PCI DSS standards—the same level as banks!” [2]

It’s important to note that requesting money is a two-way street – it’s just like when you’re giving Cash, and you can request from anyone in your Cash App contacts list or if they are a Cash Card user.”

Nobody likes the hassle of asking for money.

It’s time-consuming and awkward to insert yourself into someone else’s life when you’re just looking for cash.

Cash App was built with convenience in mind – it should be as easy to give Cash as it is to receive!

And if you need more funds in your account, you can add money to Cash App quite easily as well.


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